I Just Need The Beach

Tonight life and "adulting" has got me down.  I am overwhelmed about our move, our finances and our future...  Some days I handle all the change really well, and other days I feel like there's a lump in my throat and tears pricking at my eyes all day.  Today was one of those days.  
But I carry on.  I make the calls, I pay the bills, I face the dragons...  But after doing all that crappy grown up stuff, I need a little pick me up.  So I came here, to my sweet little blog where our family life began (back here if you're new) to look at (and share) some happy pictures.

Today's memories are of a day trip to the beach to see my grandparents.
Now if that sweet picture, so full of love, doesn't make you happier, I don't know what will...

Except maybe big boys with even bigger ice cream cones!

I love my grandpa.  Having a ice cream with my boys.

After visiting with my grandparents, and having the obligatory ice cream, we headed out to the Bar View Jetty.  I nursed the baby for a while in the car and Josh let the boys explore.

When I finished feeding sister, we joined them.

This picture of my beautiful family has me feeling much better already tonight.  I am so blessed.  My problems are first world problems.  It's important to keep that in mind.  A little perspective does a girl good.

These guys, and that little girl... they're my life.  
And they're worth all the inconveniences of long phone calls & stressful days.

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Holly said...

The beach (well nature in general really!) always makes everything better for me too :) I hope some of the stress has died down. Moving to a whole new town would absolutely be so stressful, but I bet by Halloween you will be all settled in and used to everything. (That's how I cope with things- Set a date and just make it there. Haha)