On Public School, The House & Generosity

Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging feedback on my public school post.  I am scared to send the boys... but only selfishly.  I'm afraid I'll miss them; I'm afraid our time together will feel too limited; I'm afraid of it changing our family dynamic.

But for them, I only feel excitement. I'm excited for new friendships; fun learning and good challenges.  I'm excited for school supplies, new school clothes and their very first "first day of school".  I'm excited for Wyatt to shine and grow up a little (even if it pains me!) and I'm excited for Logan & Jack to be in their own classes (another decision that was tough to make!) and for them to be recognized for who they are individually, not what they are as a pair.

Some of your comments also got me excited about what my days could look like with just Carly at home.  I might have time to blog more regularly, cook real meals (cooking from scratch? what's that?) and keep house the way I want to. I've never had just one baby.  We started our family off with a bang bringing the twins home, so having Carly be my "only" will be a new experience for me!

We're getting closer to closing on the house, and thus far, everything is in order, although I still feel like I'm holding my breath.  I just can't believe we are going to get to buy a house. It's always been a dream of ours, and one that, on a teacher's salary, we knew was a bit of a stretch.  So for it be turning into a reality in as little as 2 weeks feels a bit surreal.

Lastly, I wanted to talk generosity... You guys.  YOU GUYS.  The outpouring of love both on the blog and on Facebook after I asked for help furnishing our house was incredible.

My parents are helping me pick up a high chair and stroller; my nephews' Grandma Aniko gifted us two storage shelves and a bedside table; Josh found a couch & loveseat on Craigslist for $200 and the guy even delivered it for us (!); my elementary school friend Marisa gave us her rocking chair & ottoman, plus to adorable bar stools; my teacher friend Jackie gave me oodles of storage stuff (even Lego ones, which the boys are using, making my organized-mama-self very happy!) as well as a lamp and some laundry baskets; my lifelong friend & ex-neighbor Kerry gave us an office chair, a desk and a crockpot; my grandma's friends' daughter Barb gifted us her basically brand new vacuum cleaner; my mom found an extra iron she had on hand and is giving it to us; my brother-in-laws' parents are giving us a screaming deal on a dishwasher, stove and microwave; my elementary bff Brittney's mom Linda is gifting us utensils & plate sets; my sister's best friends' sister Nicole gave us three brand new Ikea shelving units that will be awesome for our new living room; and my friends Peggy & John gifted us an Ikea high chair that we'll be using here at the in-laws since it's so small & convenient. It's like people came out of the woodwork to help us.  It's been overwhelming and humbling.  You all are amazing.

(Also, a shout out is required for both my sister and my parents who have let us commandeer their garages as storage for all these awesome pieces until we get keys to our new digs.  Thank you!!!)

In the midst of buying the house and acquiring things for the house, I got in a car accident, so every week I am going to the chiropractor at least three times, and I was also diagnosed last week with an ulcer. Ugh. How timely.  So while I've been suffering unbelievable abdominal pain as well as a stiff neck and a total lack of sleep (thanks a lot, Carly!), I've been even more grateful that everyone has been so willing to help us out.  It's been beautiful to witness.

Because of your gratitude, that huge list has been pared down to this:
2 kid desks
a recliner
area rugs 
Laundry baskets & hampers

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Your generosity has been a testament to your love for us.
And we're feeling it!


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Tabitha Studer said...

gahhhhhh, i'm so excited for you and everything that is coming up! school and new house and at home all day with only one sweet girl! I always feel super excited but also super weird when it feels like the ending of a life chapter is happening, so if that's how you're feeling i'm sending my love your way. What an amazing time and you have so many well wishes and prayers coming your way from so many people! So happy for you guys!! xxoxo