Around Here: Week 35

Open House at School!
Cousins Carly & Annie
5 little boys... boundless energy!

Baby legs, unswaddled, and with a lovey
First Day of Third Grade
After School Snack
Mommy & Wyatt Time
Baby Wyatt
Walking to school

The office/laundry room
The menu
After school trampoline jumping
Relishing... time with my sister's family.  They came late last Friday and left Sunday afternoon, but boy we squeezed a lot of love and laughter into those two days.  She has two boys (4 & 6) and a baby girl (4 mo.), so our kids were made for each other!  The boys have boundless energy, and I think we could all sit and watch the baby girls interact with each other for days. They're so sweet & curious about each other!

Executing... this week's meal plan like a boss! I am so proud of myself (and so excited!) to be putting our sweet little kitchen to work everyday.  We are baking, cooking and eating meals together and it brings me so much happiness.

Feeling... all the feels about the twins heading to school (for the first time ever) and being separated (for the first time ever).  I am happy and sad and excited and terrified.  It's exhausting to be on such a wildly swinging pendulum.  In addition to the twins starting third grade, Wyatt starts kindergarten next week, and there's been a constant lump in my throat about that. Reading Ashley's take on sending her kids to public school after homeschooling made me feel less alone in my feelings and hopeful that with time I'll grow accustomed to spending my days apart from the boys.

Laughing... at the size of the apple one of Josh's students gave him.  It is bigger than his fist.

Grateful... that all three of Carly's big brothers adore her.  They look after her, tend to her, and hate to see her cry.  Their help is so... well, helpful!

Attending... Open House at the boys' elementary school.  We got the chance to check out their classrooms, meet their teachers, and see some of their classmates.

Crying... at Facebook's 'on this date' picture of baby faced Wyatt in the bathtub in Alaska.  How is he starting kindergarten already?!?

Lonely... for friends in my new town.  Luckily I found a MOPS group and they meet next Thursday. I can't wait!!!

Unswaddling... Carly and feeling so relieved that she's fine with it.  I've also introduced (or reintroduced, rather) her little bunny lovey, and she's so sweet with it. I am hoping that this will make napping on the go easier, and leaving her with Josh easier.

Walking... all day, errday it feels like!  We take the twins to school, we walk back home from school.  We walk to school to pick them up, and we walk back home again. We live almost a mile from the school (just inside the walking boundary) so I've been getting 10,000+ steps everyday since school started.  It makes me so happy. (Okay... and sore!)

Wishing... that the office/laundry room was unpacked like the rest of the house.  I am hoping this three day weekend means I will have some time to tackle it.

Enjoying... our new afternoon routine of snack at the table together, talking about our days, followed by jumping on the trampoline.


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