Before & After

This weekend I had a couple of goals.  We are getting to the point where the house is fully livable and we are really feeling settled.  So this weekend my goals were to unpack the office and to decorate the kids' bedrooms. It's fun to be at this point. 

Before          //          After
Before Above // After Below
Before Above // After Below
The art above Carly's bed is from my sister.  I love it so much. I am still deciding what picture to put on the other small shelf above her crib.  Wyatt is also still deciding what he wants on his square shelves.  One of my other favorites in their room is the shelf with the world "Linger" on it, above Wyatt's dresser.  Josh's sister Julie made it for me last year (it was my word of the year) and it reminds me to sit a little longer in that rocking chair holding my sweet girl.  

Can you find Carly?

I'm super happy with how Logan & Jack's room turned out, too.  I am excited to see what they put on their shelves, and love that they have their own bit of space after sharing with both their younger siblings.  Let the home decorating continue!


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