Around Here: Week 43

Me & Grandpa Jerry
My sister & me circa 2004???

Love this crazy kid... so glad he's alright

Not taking... one single day for granted.  After Logan's seizure on Tuesday, our regular, everyday things feel so significant and blessed.

Loving... the boys' school pictures.  Wyatt's is probably my favorite just because he still has all his baby teeth and I adore baby teeth.  But Logan and Jack's are fantastic, too.  I mean, those dimples!

Reading... Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  Loving all her instructions on how to be a writer.

Making... a craft for Wyatt's class to do during their Halloween party next week. It's taking forever, but they're gonna be so cute!

Thinking... about starting to write letters to myself.  The voices in my head are negative jerks that focus only on my failures.  I'd like to take the power back by noticing (and writing about) all I'm doing right.

Watching... Blue Bloods.  Josh and I have been watching it for the whole year and it's our favorite.

Feeling grateful... for MOPS.  As Logan headed back to school yesterday I was feeling all kinds of anxiety.  Spending my morning surrounded by those ladies helped me not obsess.  In the afternoon I did end up getting a call from the office that he was complaining of headache, so I picked him up early.  He admitted later he had fallen running at recess and hit his head again. sigh. So I spoke with his doctor and we agreed that until his follow up appointment next week he needs to stay in for recess and not participate in PE.  Basically we need to protect Logan from himself. Hopefully from here forward he will be more careful and give his poor head a chance to heal.

Looking back... at pictures my grandma brought me when she and grandpa came to visit last weekend.  They are 81 & 84 and traveled over 6 hours to get to us.  I am so grateful they came.  We ate out Friday night and Josh made us all pizza Saturday night.  It was just really nice to show them our house and our neighborhood.  Wyatt even walked my grandma to his school and showed her his classroom. And Josh and the twins set off the volcano we made two weeks ago.  It was really fun to visit and hang out.

Loving... this quote by Ann Voskamp.
"Fear can be what we feel- but brave is what we do."


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