Our First Visit Home

 This weekend we made our first trip back home since moving away.  We left after school Friday and made fantastic time, stopping once to go potty and once for dinner.  Carly only cried for about twenty minutes of the five hour drive and slept the majority of it. 

When we got there, we were welcomed into my parents house where they had two rooms set up for us.  

It was a quick weekend as we had to leave Sunday afternoon to get back home for work & school Monday, but oh the fun we squeezed in!!!

My parents read the boys bedtime stories both nights and we all slept pretty well, except Josh who we had bunked up with the twins to keep any eye on Logan post-seizure.  Apparently those cuties aren't quiet sleepers.  Poor Josh!

My mom has three dogs and Carly LOVED them. It was so sweet to see her with them. She especially loved Sadie (pictured here) who happens to also be my favorite. 


Saturday my mom & dad kept the kids so I could go shopping and out to lunch with Josh's sister Julie.  It was so lovely to have entire conversations with no interruptions!

After lunch with my bestie, it was time for my adorable nephews' birthday party.  It was a costume party, which the kids loved!
Wyatt the minion & Milo the firefighter 

 My dad as Space Ghost & my mom as a Chinese woman.

My sister's {adorable} family!
Superman & Super Girl
A fireman, Little Red Riding Hood & Dead Pool

 Seriously, so cute!

 Blake & Roxanne

 Milo & Ferris
Happy Birthday boys!!!

I was a librarian, Carly was a Cabbage Patch doll
Jack was a SWAT cop, Wyatt a minion and Logan was Finn from Star Wars

The best part of the party was getting to love on my niece Annie.  She's simply delicious and I love her so!  

 Carly also got her share of lovings from everyone!

 (I had to include a shot of the back of her wig. It's just adorable!)

I don't think we held our own babies the whole afternoon (barring when Annie took a nap in the Ergo).  We just love each others' babies so much! 

 Best costume award?
Roxanne's sister-in-law and her husband who showed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth

 Roxanne wore Annie, as I mentioned, for some of the party.

 Annie was so at peace all snuggled into her mama.

These two pictures were taken seconds apart. 
Annie would literally peek out at us, smile, then seemingly realize she was tucked in close to my sister, and nestle her head and close her eyes. It was the most precious thing ever.

Jack & Aubrey (Roxanne's niece)

Love these two silly boys!

They are growing up right before our eyes.

 Ferris & Logan

 Nice work, Milo!

 Instead of a cake, my sister made this awesome donut tower.  

 They put candles in,

 we sang,

 and then we ate! Yum!!!
What a super fun party and a great way to spend time with everyone. 

For years we missed Ferris & Milo's birthdays, much to Ferris' dismay, because of living in Alaska, so nothing was keeping us from this years' party. 


After the party, my parents took us out to eat at Red Robin, my kids' favorite. The boys were surprisingly well behaved considering how long we had to wait.  The food was great, the babies were well behaved and the conversation was fun, too!

After dinner I came back to my parents house and put the kids to sleep and my sister came over.  She, my mom and I all stayed up waaaay too late talking & laughing, and ended the night hugging and feeling so grateful that I don't live so far away (like in the village) any more.

Sunday morning we were up bright & early to head over to Josh's parents house.  There his mom had arranged a playdate with the boys' cousins.  Liesel (pictured with Carly) and Gustav & Gisele (pictured below).

The kids had a great time together and I am so happy they all got a few hours in despite our tight timeline.  I got to catch up with Josh's sister Andrea and see all the things Carol has done around the house since we moved out. It looks so great! 

After our morning playdate we zoomed back to my parents house where we packed up while my mom made us a delicious breakfast for lunch.  As soon as we finished our last bites, we loaded the kids up in the car and hit the road for the five (ish) hour trek back home.  Carly and Logan slept the first two hours which was awesome.  And the last three hours went surprisingly well, too, despite Carly being awake for all of them. 

All in all, it was a great trip home and a welcome reminder that family is so close and even a quick weekend trip is worth the effort.  Cause boy did we have fun!!!


Rox said...

Thank you for the pictures, I will treasure them. And thank you even more for coming. I just love seeing the friendship among our boys and loving on each other's babies.
I love you!

Marilynn Raatz said...

I loved having you guys here! I guess that's evident from my huge smile and deliriously happy hugging.....

Tabitha Studer said...

oh! the joy on your mommas face is so wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys. Lots of people (most people) don't choose to do the very hard thing for the long term pay-off...say like living in RURAL ALASKA for several years -but look at you guys! And how beautiful the payoff is!! so very very happy for all six of you!