Around Here: Week 45

Our Ramona Girl

Our House

Reading... Flight Behavior and getting ready for our new book club discussion that starts Monday.

Organizing... the boys' room, Carly & Wyatt's room, and the closet in the bathroom.  It feels great! It's like I'm spring cleaning in reverse.  In preparation for winter setting in, we cleaned up the yard and tidied the garage as well last weekend.  It is fantastic. Now this weekend I just need to clean these organized rooms and we will be all set.

Preparing... for Logan's EEG that is out of town this afternoon.  Josh and I will be lugging all four kids with us because one of us has to drive, and the other has to help keep Logan awake on that long drive.  Poor kid was only allowed to sleep from midnight to 4am, which means in addition to a tired kid, we've got some tired parents as well.  Prayers for a quick trip (minus Carly crying) and good results on the EEG are welcome!

Counting... Carly's teeth-- we are up to six already!  Holy teething, Batman!  She went from none to six in a little over two months.

Hanging up... Wyatt's first hand-written pictures for Josh and me. "For dad" and "For mom" written in adorable kindergarten writing under a picture drawn of us, in stick figure, holding hands with Wyatt.  So sweet.  We are also enjoying his creativity.  When I received a puzzle in the mail, Wyatt begged me to keep the shipping box so he could do a project. Yesterday afternoon (100% independently) he turned it into this armor/robot thing he can put on. It's hilarious and adorable.

Encouraging... Carly to crawl.  Her hands know what to do, and she's in the right position, but we haven't yet got her legs doing what they should.

Breathing... deeply everyday on my walk to and from school with the boys. The weather has been lovely, the skies blue and sunny, and the trees have still been putting on a fabulous show for me.  I am feeling so blessed by this time of year, by our neighborhood, by my stay-at-home mom status and by this routine we have of walking to school together each morning.

Craving... more down time with my family.  I am taking time every morning to snuggle with Wyatt on the couch and read him a book, and I started reading My Side of the Mountain aloud with the twins.  That time with those sweet boys of mine who attend school all day is priceless.

Feeling... Exhausted. Just utterly exhausted. Teething, the time change and worry for Logan and life in general has me feeling so tired all.the.time.  Maybe next week I'll get some sleep!  In the mean time, coffee and Dr. Pepper alternated are keeping me going.

Happy... with accomplishing more this week thanks to my weekly goals.  I did more blogging than normal (even if it wasn't every day like I'd hoped), helped Josh label his donated classroom books, opened the kids' individual bank accounts and still have the weekend to finish organizing all my journals and write my pen pals.

This Week's Goals:

  • Write yearly Christmas card letter
  • Address Christmas cards
  • Bake "Thank you" cookies for the boys' school



Ashley B said...

Oh my gosh, our boys would get along! They are ALWAYS keeping boxes for forts and armor, haha!
Prayers for good news with the EEG today too. xo

Holly said...

My boys always keep boxes too! Im all like "that is TRASH!" Drives me crazy. And the timechange has been so rough here too.