Around Here: Week 46

Celebrating... my 34th Birthday today! Wyatt and I made a cake this afternoon and Josh and I will celebrate with date night after the kids are in bed.  Homemade pizza & a movie are calling my name.
I enjoyed reading this post that I wrote on my birthday last year.  I ended it saying: "For my 33rd year, I am hoping for: a healthy baby to join our family; our family to be reunited and living together somewhere that is the perfect fit for us; and for me to remember that everyday I'm here on earth is a gift.  Especially if that day is spent with the ones I love."  Talk about dreams coming true!

Feeling... proud of my boys.  This week I had my first parent/teacher conferences, and they are doing amazing.  They are working hard and learning and making progress.  Socially, they are listening to their teachers, showing respect to all the staff and making lots of friends.  Their transition from homeschool to public school could not have been smoother. I'm so grateful.

Reading... My Side of the Mountain to the twins at bedtime (psst-- don't tell Jack, but I bought him books 2 & 3 for Christmas!) and Bird by Bird, and Flight Behavior for book club.

Watching... Carly sign "more" and say "mama" and learn to crawl! She is doing it!!! She can also pull up on the couch and sit on her knees so she can reach more easily into her toy box.  The boys are AMAZED at her pulling up and Logan busted out the camera himself to capture it the other evening.
Speaking of capturing moments, when Jack saw Logan all snuggled up with Carly the other night, he grabbed by real camera, too and took some pictures. I love that they want to capture the moment when a certain feeling comes over them, just like their mama.

Wincing... as Carly tries standing (and falling) more.  She's got bruises all over and lets out the saddest, most offended cry when she crashes down. Poor baby!

Crying... cause we burned through every season of Blue Bloods and are now left show-less.  Suggestions?

Awaiting... results from Logan's EEG.  I'd sure like to hear some good news!

Loving... reflecting on all my blessings, and posting on Instagram/Facebook the things that I'm grateful for.

Doing... a fall puzzle that I ordered myself for my birthday. I do so love puzzles!

Laughing... when Wyatt saw one of his teachers outside school this week.  His mind was blown.  He stopped dead in his tracks, turned beet red and was speechless for some time.

Looking forward... to enjoying Thanksgiving with family over the long weekend!  It will be a nice reprieve from our normal weekends and I'm so looking forward to a giant piece of pumpkin pie!


I managed to bake cookies for Logan's school this week, but I didn't get to my Christmas letter or cards.  The boys had early release all week and it was all I could do just to get my regular errands done with them in tow. Mostly I just wanted to get them home and playing outside in the gorgeous weather we've been having. So I feel good even though I didn't meet my goals.

Next week I just want to stay on top of the laundry & work on my puzzle.  Every now & then, mama needs a break!



Ashley B said...

SO much to love about this post! The parent/teacher conferences (ours were just as positive - such a relief and almost validating as a homeschool mom, don't you think?), that sweet baby in her flannel jammies (my FAVORITE!) and birthday wishes come true (what a blessing!).
Wishing you another wonderful year. Happy Birthday, friend!

Tabitha Studer said...

Actually tearing up about your birthday wishes coming true from last year. How hopeful they were and now you are living them!! I always think of that quote "someone is wishing for what you have right now" and that person wishing for your life was you last year!! Incredible Shelly! Happiest of birthdays to you my dear friend. Sending love to you always! Xxoxo