Around Here: Week 52

Opening... presents on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and on Wednesday at my parents & at aunt Julie's house. Holy spoiled children!  (wink wink) They were so excited and grateful for everything.  It's fun to get them exactly what I know they'd love.  Logan got Star Wars toys & Monopoly, Jack got walkie talkies and a Seahawks football, and Wyatt got the Paw Patroller and some new books.  They all got games (Jenga, Sorry, Yahtzee and Checkers) plus slinkies.

Keeping... our family traditions, despite the fact that I broke down in tears on Christmas Eve because the kids had been fighting so bad all day.  I felt better after crying and we managed to make homemade pizza and watch Polar Express like we always do. It was exactly what I needed to end what was an exhaustive parenting day.

Moving... Wyatt to and from his bed, depending on how long it takes Carly to cry it out at night. Sometimes by bedtime I have just had enough and if she is uncooperative, I leave her to her own devices at bedtime. I hate doing it, but my sanity requires that I have some time to myself with all four kids in bed.  Luckily Wyatt doesn't mind sleeping in mom & dad's bed.

Continuing... to sort and KonMari the house.  I have done my clothes, my books and our linens.  I can't wait to dive in again after the new year!

Traveling... to Vancouver Wednesday to spend some of our Christmas break with family.  We have spent time with everyone except my grandparents who are sick.  I am so bummed we didn't get to go visit with them while we were here.  I do miss them.

Watching... Logan do Carly's hair in the bath tub.  He loves to get it wet, then comb it all different directions or give her baby mohawks. He's such a good brother.

Celebrating... Carly's first birthday a month early.  We decided to have a party while we are here in town because having everyone travel to us is hard to accomplish.  Her party was precious-- all her loved ones were there; she was so cute opening her presents and playing with her toys; and her little dress was like a dream come true.

Leaving... Carly for the first time yesterday.  We left her for a few hours with my parents to see a movie with just the twins and Wyatt.  It was so lovely to spend some time with our boys.  We saw Sing and they really enjoyed it.  Carly spent half the time asleep in my dad's lap, which just melted my heart.  And in the afternoon we dropped her off with Josh's mom (while my mom had our boys) and went on our first real date since Carly was born in January.  We did a little shopping at the mall (which felt so luxurious sans children!) and then had dinner at Red Lobster.  Dinner was quiet and delicious.  It was wonderful.  Although my favorite part may have been when we went back to pick Carly up. She squealed upon seeing me and crawled with impressive speed to where I kneeled on the rug.  (Spoken like a true mom, right? I finally get a break from the kids, and all I wanted was to be reunited with the kids. Go figure!)

Accepting... that snow is a real part of my life now.  It snowed three more inches over Christmas Eve and even more is expected this weekend.  My biggest complaint is just the kids' gear. So much ever living gear to keep track of. We've lost more gloves since November than I'd have imagined possible! After weeks of yelling at the boys about it, I have resigned myself to buying more pairs and letting it go. I'm tired of nagging.

Witnessing... Wyatt bloom.  He is really just coming into his own.  School has taught him more than I ever thought possible in four short months.  He is writing and reading with increasing accuracy, and his coloring and cutting have improved tenfold.  A few days ago Josh caught him with one of the twins' chapter books sounding out words.  We're just so proud of him.

Anticipating... the new year and all it will hold.

Looking... for my word of the year for 2017.
Contemplating... goals for the new year.


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Vicki Misner said...

I enjoyed seeing how all of you, except Josh, are adapting to living in the lower 48. Is Josh just shy or does he not want to be in/on your blog? I know he is important part of your family and maybe he would be able to do some nighttime duties with you...just a suggestion...