Carly's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Carly's first birthday a month early on Wednesday.  Josh's sister Julie was kind enough to host it.  We invited my parents and Josh's parents, as well as my sister and her family.  We ate pizza and watched Carly open her gifts.  She got some adorable outfits (I still can't believe I got a girl!) and some fun girly play toys.  She got a purse with a little bracelet that she can actually put on herself (how cute/smart is she?!?) and she got a little pot & pan with meatballs that she loves. 

As soon as I got her ready for the party, I started snapping pictures of her in the window of my mom's sewing/guest room. Sometimes, like in those moments I was taking her picture, I just can't believe she's here.  She has filled the holes that the miscarriages left, and then some.  She has brought joy & light to all the dark corners. 

She's my happiness.


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