Around Here: Week 3

 Testing... the boys color vision with an easy online test. (And blogging all about it.)

Watching... Carly take her first steps.  It was so exciting.  The boys thought it was the best thing ever.  But every time we tried to capture it on video, she would just stand there.  Silly girl.  We're also watching her scale the walls and get VERY excited when she hears the bath running.  She crawls at lightening speed down the hall and into the bathroom when she hears the water turn on. Smarty!

Feeding... Carly all the foods!  She loves everything and it's so fun to watch her try new things.  This week was lasagna and french bread. She ate every bite!

Wrapping... my mind around the fact that our sweet, precious little girl will be one year old on Tuesday.  It feels impossible that twelve whole months have passed since she joined our family, but on the other hand, I can hardly remember what it was like without her.  She makes all of us laugh everyday and it's going to be so much fun watching her as she grows.

Worrying... about Logan as he had a second seizure this week.  This time we will be following up with an MRI and a meeting with the neurologist.

Succeeding... in giving up swearing for the first time this week (after trying for nearly three weeks & failing everyday!), and loving this inspiring quote:

"Your kids watch you for a living. 
It's their job; it's what they do.  
That's why it's so important 
to try your best 
to be a good role model." 
-James Lehman

Reading... very little this week because #toomanysnowdays!  With the kids home, it felt like all I could do was keep up with laundry & dishes.  Hopefully next week we are back to normal and I get some big things crossed off my to-do list!

Going... stir crazy with the kids home ALL week.  They finally went today, but it was 2 hour late start, so that time just flew right by!  I think they've gone to school four or five days total this month.  The weather has been ridiculous.  Snow, wind, rain & ice... we've had it all!

Admiring... the way the freezing rain looks on all our plants outside.  I took Josh's good camera out and captured some of it-- it's just breathtakingly beautiful.

Missing... Facebook, so I went back.  But my goal is to only check it when I'm nursing Carly.  It was a nice break and good to know I can go without it, but I missed everyone, so I'm happy to be back. :)

Feeling... grateful Josh got the boys out as much as he could during our days stuck at home.  The highlight of all these snow days was definitely having snowball fights with dad.

Trying... my hand at some creative journaling, including making myself a "Bookshelf" to keep track of my 2017 "Read 24 books" goal. It turned out pretty cute and I think I will enjoy keeping it up, which is a bonus.

With worry about Logan heavy on my mind, this quote felt fitting.  I know that God chose me to be the mom of these kids, which means he trusts me to be Logan's caretaker.  It's a huge responsibility, but it makes me proud that God knew I'd be the perfect mom for the job.



Marilynn Raatz said...

I love how much Wyatt loves ice!! I too am grateful for Josh for taking the boys outside. What a great dad!!
I am so grateful that I know you and Josh will take the best care of Logan and please know I will be praying.
I love the pictures you take and I am so grateful for them. Carly is just such a blessing.

Tabitha Studer said...

I've been sending love and healthy wishes to you and Logan since I read about his second seizure - I will be praying for an informative and clear MRI for you guys to get answers. xxoxo

Carly nearly one! and in that little striped beanie hat - too cute!! Your kitties look so sweet too and patient with your curious girl. And so many snow days! How fun for the kids - and tiring for the momma...I can see the soaking wet snow clothes now (hah)!

ps. your bookshelf journaling is adorable! The Alchemist is one of my all-time favs! <3