Around Here: Week 8

Enjoying... a super fun weekend last weekend. Josh's parents came to visit, taking the boys for walks and out to eat, and just spending some nice down time with all of us.

Feeling... a bit blah this week after having two kids home sick on alternating days, a sick baby and a not-totally-healthy husband.  We are all sleep deprived and I'm super bummed I missed MOPS due to sick kiddos.  Hoping we can heal up 100% this weekend and be back to full health next week.

Reading... all.the.books. Seriously.  I am working through Believing God, The Children Act, The Lies We Believe, 100 Essential Modern Poems, Auschwitz, Silver Bay and Wonder. Whew!  Hoping to finish one or two this weekend.  I feel a bit scattered reading so many at once.

Discussing... so many beautiful and hard things as a result of reading Wonder with the twins at night.  We are talking about judging people based on who they are, not what they look like.  We are talking about friendship and bullying and honesty. I can't say enough good things about this book and all the conversations it is sparking.

Loving... Carly getting attached to her taggies.  Just this week she has started picking them up on her own before we sit down to nurse in the rocking chair.  And when she spots them throughout the day (in her room or wherever she's left them about the house) she sort of squeals with delight.

Working hard... to make working out a regular part of our evenings.  We are working out more often than not, and we motivate each other to do it, even when we don't want to. Changing old habits is sure hard, and at the end of a long day, I'll be honest, the couch calls to me.  But I keep telling myself, "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out." A great reminder from Robert Collier that all my work will add up.

Watching... Discovery Go (fabulous app that I use to watch all my favorite shows whenever I want! It's so convenient!)  A few of my favorites are Alaska: The Last Frontier, Homestead Rescue, and Everest Rescue.  I'm also waiting for the next episode of The Wheel.  And for date night I am anxious to watch Snowden with Josh.

Struggling... with a dip in my emotions toward the end of this week.  I can feel the negative thoughts starting up, the anxiety pulsing in my veins.  I keep telling myself they are just thoughts and I'm trying not to get wrapped up in them, but it's hard. I always wonder why.  Why does it suddenly crop up? What causes it? And how can I get rid of it? So I am pulling out my anxiety toolbox and making lists of things I know I can do to either improve the anxiety or strengthen my resolve to withstand it.

1) Sleep. Without sleep, I have no awareness that the thoughts are just thoughts and I'm much more likely to give in to full panic.
2) Exercise.  Serotonin helps combat anxiety and the exercise is also helpful with getting a good nights' rest, so it's win-win.
3) Limit caffeine. I've eliminated soda, and I just drink one cup of coffee each day.  This keeps me from getting jittery, which mimics how the anxiety manifests.
4) Make healthy food choices. This is perhaps my biggest struggle.  When I feel this way, I want comfort food, but my body needs food to fuel the fight, so I force myself to eat well.  (I am also taking probiotics and vitamins)
5) Sunshine. (See "jumping" below)
6) Friends.  Reaching out to people, whether on Facebook, or the telephone, helps remind me I'm not alone and keeps my focus off myself entirely.
7) Laughter.  A silly show, my funny husband, or the hilarious antics of my kids can all help me feel lighter.
8) Accomplish Goals.  Getting things done makes me feel like the anxiety isn't winning. So I try each week to have a handful of goals I'm working toward.
9) Prayer. Feeling like it's all in God's hands helps me let go & carry on.

Jumping... on the trampoline with Wyatt & keeping my blinds open to take in as much vitamin D as possible.  The last three days I've been doing anything I can to lift my spirits to keep the anxiety from settling in.

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." 
-Eleanor Roosevelt


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Holly said...

Those cookies look yummy! I am so sorry about the dark thoughts. February is such a hard month- just keep keeping on. I always wonder what causes sad thoughts to crop up too. I do notice it more as my monthly cycle comes to end, but I'm not sure if that's just me. Your list of things to combat it look great. And I bet you are doing an awesome job working out and eating- the first part is the hardest! March will be easier and sunnier and just all around better I bet. Hugs!