Carly at 13 Months

{signing "more"}
{signing "all done"}

I wish I had more recent pictures of Carly, but she's currently sick & snotty-nosed and has two huge bruises on her face from learning to walk.  (See her signing pictures above to see what I mean!)

Friday Carly turned 13 months.  She is so much fun at 13 months.
Here is a list of things she is doing:

  • Signing "More" still, but now she signs it right, which broke my very heart. I loved how she used to sign it, like a slow clap.
  • Signing "Book" when she wants us to read.  She brings a little book over and then signs, "book" until we read it to her.
  • Signing "All Done" for everything. When she's done eating, when she sees an empty plate and when she wants to be "all done" in her play pen.
  • Signing "Water" so we will give her her sippy cup.
  • Clapping & waving & giving high fives.  Her chubby hands are just my fav.
  • She's starting to blow kisses, and the little "muah!" she does is the best!
  • Gives me open mouth kisses.  Silly girl.
  • Puts her hands up to sign when I sing ABC's or The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  She's starting to mimic the hand motions. 
  • Walking around the house more and more.  Last night she went from my room at one end of the house to the garage door at the other end without falling. She doesn't crawl at all anymore.
  • Pretending to put on her socks & shoes.
  • Putting on her bracelet.
  • Wearing her sunglasses!
  • Combing her own hair. (And pulling out her hair pretties. The other day when I asked, "Where are your hair pretties?" she didn't have the answer, but she touched her hair, as she knew exactly what I was asking her.)
  • Picking up her baby when I tell her to get her baby, and then hugs it, saying, "Mmmm" like it's the best hug ever.
  • Making Wyatt's stuffed dog bark, "Bark bark bark". So adorable!
  • "Talking" on the phone she has in her toys. 
  • Saying "Uh Oh" after she drops something.
  • Vrooming her brother's cars.
  • Patting my chest when she wants to nurse.  It's nice she has a way to communicate to me that that's what she wants/needs.
  • She knows what "no" means.  And when you say it to her, she skrinkles up her little nose and pouts out her little bottom lip.  She can work it!
  • Getting her taggies when it's time to nurse & go to sleep.

We love this little girl. She is our sunshine and we are all so proud of her. I love seeing her learn to sign and talk, and I can't wait for her to start talking even more.



Marilynn Raatz said...

Darling post and such a darling baby girl. I can't wait to see her in person!!

Holly said...

Aw I just love her 😍😍😍

Cindy said...

My granddaughter will be a year on March 11. Loving those cold open mouth wet kisses. She is learning (maybe) what no means. She had our recliner remote the other day. Told her, Isla Rae, no, no. She smiled at me and waved. Her wave is opening & closing her hand. Cute but Grandma still says no little princess!!! This age is priceless!!!