No Big Deal

"Dad, can you come pick us up? Some of the girls are sneaking out and I don't think it's a good idea. I don't want to be here anymore." -me

"Sure, sugar. I'll come pick you up. No big deal."


"Josh? I just got in a car accident. It was totally my fault. I wasn't paying attention and I rear ended a lady who rear ended a lady who rear ended a lady. I'm freaking out." -me

"Okay. It's okay babe.  These things happen. That's why we have insurance. It's no big deal."


"Umm, mom, I was holding the container of water upside down and it exploded all over the bathroom." -Wyatt

"It's okay, buddy. We'll grab some towels and clean it up. No big deal."


I was helping Wyatt clean up the giant disaster he made with the water container in the bathroom when the thought crossed my mind that when I find myself saying, "No big deal" whatever just happened truly becomes not that big a deal.  Like somehow the words coming out of my mouth convince my brain that it's true. 

Later I feel good about how I responded.  I feel kind and giving.  And whoever made the mistake feels good, too.  Forgiven.

That grace, that room for errors, is so beautiful.  
Now if I could just remember to give that kind of forgiveness to myself.


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