Around Here: Week 7

Cherishing... Josh's handiness.  This week (on a No School Day due to icy conditions) he replaced all the thermostats in the house and put new blinds in every single window in the house. On another day he fixed the toilet we had that was acting up.  It's exciting to me that we're doing little things here and there to improve our home.

Loving... fresh flowers all over the house. Josh bought me roses and I bought myself some carnations that I put in our bedroom.  That little bit of spring is helping me get through these last bits of winter. It's been cold and icy here (still) and I am pining for green grass and some outside time.

Reading... Believing God, 1000 Gifts, The Lies We Believe, Auschwitz and Wonder with the twins.  I am so close to finishing Believing God, I can't wait! I feel like I've been working on that one for ages.  Auschwitz is really intense (obviously) and I am looking forward to reading something a little lighter when it's done.

Watching... The Accountant for date night last week and watching The Wheel on Discovery.
The Accountant was the best movie I've seen since I saw Deepwater Horizon at the theater. I loved it.  The Wheel is really entertaining and I can't wait for a new episode.

Spending time... at the boys' school running Wyatt's Valentine's Day party and attending the twins' award assembly.  Jack won two awards, one for perfect attendance and one for Mighty Math.  He's been working so hard (with Josh's help) to memorize his multiplication facts and I'm really proud of how far he's come. On his last test he got 99/100 problems correct.
The flip side of that is that Logan didn't get any awards.  As a twin parent, this is my struggle.  I want to fully celebrate Jack's accomplishments, but at the same time, I don't want Logan to feel bad that he wasn't singled out for an award. It's an awkward dance and one I don't pull off well.

Giving... haircuts to all the men in this house. So handsome they all look!

Enjoying... Carly doing her cake smash last weekend. She's such a cutie.  See her cake smash here. And Wyatt's here. And Logan and Jack's here.

Cheering... for the Tucker family as my brother-in-law got one step closer to becoming a Game Warden. I'm so proud of their family.  Their sacrifices and their hard work to get him through school has been awe inspiring!

Breaking... my own goals in the name of self care.  On Valentine's Day, I couldn't want to cook or workout, so I didn't.  We went out to eat, which was such a luxury.  And when the kids were in bed, I just relaxed and read my book.  I will make up my missed work out by working this weekend.  And as for eating out, well, it was worth breaking my goal to not have to do the dishes. Ha!

Start reading Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes for my new local book club
Wash the kitchen cupboards
KonMari the kitchen
Write a Motherhood Poem
Teach the twins how to clean the bathroom


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Kristina said...

Can I just say that I love this new style of blogging you are doing?!? It gives more depth to the normal events of the week and I am thinking of starting to involve this in my own blog once things settle down. Love it!