Around Here: Week 11

{Late nights with Wyatt}

{Nursing my rainbow baby}

{New garage door!}

{Her new favorite friend, Scentsy Lambie}

{Fav creamer, new Dollar Tree mug (!) & Walmart dish towel}

{13 months of sass!}

{Baby hair cuts = More baby neck}

{The dab.  All day, err day with third graders}

{The elusive Easter Baby!}
{Mama finally got a hair cut, too!}

 Healing... colds & coughs slowly but surely.  Wyatt was finally back at school yesterday after missing three days!  It's been a lot of long nights around here, doing nebulizer treatments & blowing noses.

Adjusting... slowly to Logan's seizure medication.  He'll do half a pill for a week, a whole pill for a week and then finish at a pill & a half twice a day, which is where he'll stay.  So far he's complained only of being a little tired and some nausea. Hoping that his body keeps adjusting.

Playing... basketball.  Well, the boys are playing basketball anyway. And lots of it!

Loving... spring weather with blue skies!

Opening... our garage door with the touch of a button. Voila!

Finishing... Britt-Marie Was Here, Inside the O'Briens, and The Precious One.

Reading... The Lies We Believe & Believing God.  It feels good to be down to two books after reading so many the last few weeks.

Spring cleaning... the house!  I was suddenly motivated to clean & organize Wednesday and I'm so glad I did.

Getting... a haircut, as promised.  I'm loving how healthy it feels, but to be honest, it's taking some time to figure out how to do it so it looks how I want it to.

Missing... having a monthly meal plan.  I never made one up for March and am regretting it every night when the kids expect me to feed them again. ;)

Noticing... that as I look for the good, I see more good.  I love my house more, my kids more, my life more.  Everything is sweeter since I began my gratitude challenge.

Not allowing... myself to start another book until the last two on my bedside table are done!  It was fun to have so many books going at once, but I did find myself feeling quite scattered.  I think one or two at a time is more reasonable than six at a time, which is what I had for some time last week.

Enjoying... posting my 21 days of gratitude daily.  It's a fun challenge to wake up exhausted, bleary eyed after being up all night with sick kids and be forced to look for the good.

Feeling... more like myself this week.  Less grouchy/angry.  I'm so glad I made a plan to change last week and that those changes are having the desired effect.

Loving... listening to my first audio book.  This is a game changer! If you haven't tried it, you must! Suddenly you're dying to grocery shop on Saturday morning and to fold those four baskets of laundry.  Anything to listen for just ten more minutes!

Also loving... the hand towels I picked up for $1.88 each at Walmart. #itsthesmallthings


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