Around Here: Week 12

Reading... The Gift of an Ordinary Day after finishing Believing God and all the other books I was in. It feels nice to be reading one book at a nice, leisurely pace.

Worrying... about Logan and his seizure meds' side effects.  He's tired and nauseous and dizzy.  I remember Josh feeling the same way when he started seizure medicine, and it got better with time, so I'm trying to feel patient... but it's hard on my heart.

Still... doing treatments for Wyatt for his Reactive Airway, and hoping that his cough will be completely gone soon.  On the plus side, while we were at the doctor getting a wart burned off his hand (he was so brave!), the doctor listened to his lungs and said they sound alright and he is on the road to healing!

Taking... my kids to the dentist.  They are all cavity free- hooray!  The twins love the dentist's office because they have xbox's and they get to play Minecraft while they wait. Ha! Wyatt loves it cause they have an epic prize box.

Exploring... a new park last weekend with my family.  I am really proud of us for finding new things to love about where we live and for trying really hard to "bloom where we're planted."

Sleeping... 8 hours last night! I can't believe it. Carly slept 10:30-6:30am and this mama is so glad!

Walking... to school again now that the weather has warmed up a bit.  The boys love it and so do I!

Wishing... I could get my eating under control. I just want to eat all.the.things.  My self control and willpower is nil.  I could really use some advice about what works for you if you have any.

Wondering... if Carly is ready to transition to one nap a day. I find that two naps is really cramping our style lately. (I can't ever run errands and I can't do the things I want/need around the house because they're loud and she's asleep.)  By this age, all three of our other kids had transitioned to one nap. For sure by summer she has to be down to one nap because I can hardly keep the boys quiet for two days on the weekend for her twice daily naps. I certainly won't be able to (nor do I want to) keep them hushed all summer long!

Meditating on this...

"There is eternal influence 
and power in motherhood."
-Julie B. Beck



Portia said...

Hi Shelly, I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and I really love your beautiful family. You didn't ask for advice about this, so I'm hesitant to mention it, but please do diligent research about the drugs they are giving Logan. I have read some really frightening things on other mother's blogs about the dangers of some of them. I won't provide any details because I don't know anything first hand. And I know you are not the sort to just do what the doctor says. I just couldn't let your concerns pass without encouraging you to research and question. Please forgive me for butting in to something that is really none of my business and I don't really know anything about anyway.

Tabitha Studer said...

I love the pic of you at the sink!! Getting in the photos is so impossible and I love that you made the choice to show a regular real momma moment! I'm inspired!

I'm sorry Logan is experiencing this symptoms. So scary for him and you. You are a great great mom and he is so lucky to have you in his side and in his corner for all of this! ( All the kids are!)

I'm terrible at self control too. I really just love the taste of food. Hah. I've found 21day fix portion control has helped me though. I don't do it perfectly everyday but it reminds me about the right portions but more so about eating a diversity of a food. If I had it my way I'd eat carbs all.day.long only. I'm a bread lover, chocoholic popcorn snacker. It's terrible. But 21 day fox limits my carbs (I could never eliminate them with success!!) And reminds me to load up on veggies and fruits too - which I love but can't naturally motivate my self to eat without the little pressure. You dont technically have to buy the program (shh!) Bc there are a ton of diy resources on Pinterest (portion sizes and meal examples). That's what has been motivating me so far. Oh and water! Drinking so much water! Actually will be in my around here post this week!


Cindy said...

Two years ago (for the second time), I joined Weight Watchers. I had, once again gained back what I had previously lost. I was 59. They say it gets harder to lose weight as you age BUT in 6 1/2 months, I lost 32 pounds and have kept it off. The best way, in my opinion, is going to meetings. I do not know what the possibility is of that where you live. Our leaders and the ladies I meet with are awesome. I love the support, the ideas and the accountability. You have access to the WW app that helps you tract what you eat plus you get a "scanner" that you can scan bar codes with to find out how many points a serving of whatever you are buying is. Many people sabit is one of their most important tools. I have heard the 21 day fix also works well. Get your whole family involved.

Holly said...

Our dentist is the same and all my bigs had checkups this week too! I'm thinking of switching the big boys to a normal, cheaper, closer to dentist bc their checkups are always fine but they don't want me to. Ha. Luke has been at one nap for awhile, but at Carlys age was when I pushed him over to 1, 100%. 2 naps meant a 8 or 9 pm bedtime and 630/7 is more my speed. He is totally fine with it now. As far as weight, I finally finally lost my 20 lbs of baby weight. It always takes me a year to get in the correct mindset. For me, I just knew it was sugar related and finally summed up the willpower to give up coke. I prayed every day for selfcontrol and perseverance and somehow made it one week, then 2 and now am almost to 3 months. I know everybody is different. But every time I've ever lost weight, I eat the same exact thing for breakfast and lunch every day and then I only have to plan for dinner. It needs to be something you like eating that's also healthy. I do a chocolate protein shake for breakfast (not shakeology, something cheap and that I can open and not have to use a blender) and a big sandwich with a huge serving of veggies or fruit on the side. And I don't do snacks bc I'm honestly not hungry at this point between meals. But for me, dropping sugar and coke was the absolute key. Every other time I'd be like oh I'll drop sweets and eat healthy but still drink my coke zero and it never worked bc coke zero is sugar and that made me crave other sugar. Just a bad cycle. And I've written about this on my blog, but cheating one day a week helps bc then if I'm really wanting something terribly unhealthy but delicious, I know I can have it on Sunday. But then you know it's back to business on Monday. This is the longest comment ever but I love to talk and read about health stuff.