February Goals Recap + March Goals

As you know, I eased into January (and the new year) with just four goals.  
I am pretty much nailing these goals, which feels great. 

1) No swearing
2) Blog 3x week
3) Read 24 books in 2017 (or 2 books/month)
4) Go to bed at 10pm


Then for February, I added ten (!!!) more goals.  
Here's how those goals went:

1) No eating out
We made it two weeks without eating out when an exhausted mama said for Valentine's Day we were going out to eat. We also ate out when Josh's parents & brother came to town. Even though the goal was no eating out, I'm pleased we only ate out three times.  So I'm calling it a win!

2) Meal plan for the entire month
Thank you Tabitha for inspiring me to try monthly meal planning. I sat down last month and came up with 28 meals for our family.  Then each week I'd add those meals to my grocery list.  I loved knowing what I was going to have each day, and I loved how easy my shopping list was to make with the meals already decided. I highly recommend it.

3) Workout every weekday for the month
We worked out 14 days in the month of February.  We missed six weekday workouts, which is a bummer, but we exercised 14 times more than we did in January, so I'm counting it.  This goal will carry on in March, so I'm excited to see some positive changes in my body & mind.

4) Write a poem about motherhood

Fail. I didn't get around to this one.

5) KonMari: 

-the kitchen (+ wash down all cabinets); the office & the kids' memorabilia
This goal was also a fail. Between two weeks of kid sickness and another week of Josh being out of commission, I have barely been able to stay afloat with regular mom life (cooking, dishes, laundry, shopping) let alone get things like organizing & poetry done.

6) Automate bills

I did this as I paid February's bills, and it's crazy the relief I feel!  

7) Finish Dave Ramsey's book
We made zero progress on this one. Bummer.

8) Do our taxes
Done & done!

9) Cut the roses out front

Josh and his mom took care of this one for me. The light coming in our front window is lovely, and our front walk looks so fresh!

10) Wash the front window
Once the rose bushes were cut down, I was able to wash our front window and it looks wonderful! 

March Goals:
1) Continue working out everyday
2) Finish organizing the office
3) KonMari the kitchen + wash down the cupboards
4) Read, read, read



Ashley B said...

Definitely a successful month! You did awesome, despite all the sickness and keeping the house afloat while Josh was sick!
P.S. #4 on March's list is my favorite :)

Tabitha Studer said...

I'm so excited you liked monthly meal planning! It seriously is my saving grace everyday at dinnertime. (tonight's dinner is already done in the crockpot and the relief of that is exhilarating! We're having Hawaiian meatballs and all I have left to do for them is make some instant rice - HAH! Joy of motherhood joys!)

I agree with Ashley - it was a rough month and so the fact that you did ANY of these goals is a win! xxoxo

Unknown said...

What is automate bills??? I'm from the uk if this is a strange question lol

Shelly Cunningham said...

Unknown from UK-- Automate bills is my shorthand for setting up automatic bill pay. For some companies (my credit cards & car payment) this means using the Bill Pay option on my online banking. For other companies (my electricity & water bills) this means using their website to set up payment that automatically pulls each month on the due date. It makes life simpler cause I don't have to pay them, they sort of pay themselves! And I don't have to write out a million checks each month.
With my husband as a teacher, he gets paid once a month, so having all those bills pull right away is helpful!