Their Dad

I love these pictures I took during one of many winter days that the boys spent playing in the plowed piles of snow in the parking lot near our house.  Josh was so good about getting outside and having snowball fights with them while Carly and I snuggled up inside, keeping warm.

I am so grateful that he's their dad.
I am grateful for the work he does around the house,
his work ethic,
the job he does at school,
the dreams he has for our future.

I love how he loves me on my worst days and never holds anything against me.
I love how he works all day, then comes home and works some more.
I love how he spends all day with one set of kids (his students), 
and comes home just to spend even more time with kids (his children).  
He's just the best dad and I'm so grateful he is ours.

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