New Fridge!!!

When we moved in to our house, the fridge that came through the house was terrible.  It was tiny, didn't close all the way, and really wasted a lot of potential space, as there was room for a bigger one in the slot where ours sat.  

My mom and dad gifted us a home insurance plan (American Home Shield) which covers basically all of the working appliances in our house, as well as some other things (plumbing, electrical, etc.).  Because of this insurance plan, we got our new fridge completely free.  We've also had our garage door opener replaced, had an electrician out to check some things, and, most recently, had a plumber out to replace our garbage disposal, as well as both the front & back spigots.  That warrantee plan has been a life saver.  And a money saver!

In order to get the fridge into our kitchen, we had to take off both the front door and the pantry door.

These three were home for an Ice Day (we had a lot of those this winter!) and were overjoyed to watch the young men remove our old fridge and move our new fridge in. 

 We've been so happy with our new fridge-- plenty of fridge & freezer space, much more square footage inside, as well as a functioning water & ice dispenser.  It's been so lovely!


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Cindy said...

MANY years ago when we added an upstairs bathroom to our 100 plus year old house, we had to take the window completely out of our bedroom upstairs to get a shower stall in, the same took place with our queen mattress & box spring!