Around Here: Week 17

Grateful... my kids are good pukers and even though Wyatt & Jack both came down with the flu this weekend, neither of them threw up on beds or couches.  In this same vein, I am grateful to be a stay-at-home mom.  I love that staying home with my sick kids isn't even a thought. I just stay home.  No boss to call, no decisions to make. It's such a blessing.

Wondering... if Logan will be the last one to get the flu.  It took about two days to travel from his other brothers to each other and then to him.  I thought we were over it, then on Wednesday he complained of a stomach ache, and it was all down hill from there. (I wrote this last night- Thursday- in preparation for today and awoke this morning at 6am to Carly crying in her crib, surrounded by little piles of vomit. She got it. We are on Day 8 of this stomach virus and I am so over it. Just praying that at least Josh and I will be spared!)

Sad... to have missed all three of the twins' baseball games.  First Jack was sick, then Wyatt, then Logan, so I have yet to see them play.  But according to Josh, they are doing amazing!  Jack hit a home run at his first game, and he and Logan both are hitting the ball, far, each time they are up to bat. Plus they're catching the ball and making outs when they're in the field.  I am such a proud, mama.

Doing... haircuts for five of the six members of this household.  The twins are still growing out the tops, but I love how fresh it looks when the sides are trimmed.  Josh's haircut is the same it's ever been, but Wyatt's is shorter than I usually go. I love how it looks and think it'll be nice for spring heading into summer. For Carly I trimmed all along the back again and I'm so excited that her new hair that's growing in is nearly as long as her longest hair in the back, so from here I should be able to let it grow out. I absolutely hate doing haircuts, to be honest, but it saves us so much money (probably $100) that I can't really excuse stopping.

Giving up... cloth diapering.  Over spring break I bought myself a box of diapers and it's been so lovely to continue using them up. So last week I priced diapers and at Walmart I got a box of 124 diapers for less than $18.  Fourteen cents a diaper is what it works out to, and I decided that $18 a month is totally worth not having to scrape poop out of a cloth diaper into the toilet, and also that I probably spend nearly that amount on laundry loads (water + electricity) since I do a diaper load every other day (a rinse cycle, followed by an extra hot wash, followed by the dryer for the inserts).

Doing... lots of homework because of sick kids.  Especially Jack had quite the load. Happy to start next week all caught up!

Feeling... crazy proud of my sister and her husband who have journeyed a very long road to Blake becoming a Fish & Wild Life Officer.  He was in training near us, so he stopped by on his way home Wednesday night. It was so good to see him, and my boys thought his uniform & truck were the coolest!

Reading... Freakanomics and The Lies We Believe.  This week I finished The Forgetting Time & The Gift of an Ordinary Day.  Both were so, so, so good.  I just started I Survived the Eruption of Mt. St. Helens with the twins and The Memory of Water for myself.  They're both proving to be quite good as well!


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