Around Here: Week 18

 Going... Screen Free (mostly) for the week.  (I hopped on here today to stay on track with my "Around Here" posts, and Josh watched a show or two in the evenings, but I worked hard to be either doing chores or reading my book instead of watching.)  I deleted Facebook & Instagram off my phone and only went online to check my email and pay the bills Monday.  It felt good to be screen free, and I got SO much more done than I do when I'm partaking in the screens. It was a good reminder that I'm in charge of how I spend my time.  I'll be visiting this subject again, in more detail, in a post that is coming soon.

Celebrating... Logan's trip to the neurologist. Basically his Chiari Malformation is minor (in size) and he is currently asymptomatic, so it's as if nothing were wrong at all.  Of course we will always keep an eye on any symptoms that crop up, but many people live with Chiari without ever showing symptoms, so that is our hope for Logan.  As for Jack, concordance rates for twins are not available, so unless he starts showing symptoms, we will not be testing for it as it's not medically necessary.

Grateful... that we are (all) finally well.  After 11+ days of sickness (vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain) passing from one to the other to the other and finally to me, and then to Josh, it is over. Hallelujah.  I have bleached and Clorox wiped this house from top to bottom in hopes that we'll be well from here forward. I knew starting the kids in school that they'd bring home new germs, but that one takes the cake. It was a beast!

Thankful... for Josh's sister for keeping Wyatt & Carly so I could drive just the twins to Logan's neurology appointment at the children's hospital. It's over an hour each way, and it was so nice to only have the big boys to worry about.  Also thankful for Josh's cousin who came over that day and decided to sweep & mop my floors for me. Whenever she's at our house, she does some act of service (painting my walls, bringing a meal, delivering wipes) and she's such a shining example of what being selfless truly is. Thank you Januari!

Enjoying... a crazy thunderstorm last night.  It was like a strobe light, so many strikes and so much loud thunder. It woke me up a few times and was just really fun to watch.

I am also currently enjoying having a daughter. Putting her in dresses and cute shoes everyday never ceases to bring me joy!!!  I also enjoy how she walks with her hands behind her back, which the boys call "walking like a gentleman".  I was so excited I finally captured it with my camera!

Attending... the twins' game Thursday.  I hadn't been to a game yet, so it was really exciting to load all the kids up & go root for those talented big brothers of ours. Carly would clap every time we cheered, and Wyatt ran into a friend on the playground which kept him entertained.

When we found out that it was twin boys at my 20 week ultrasound, one of the first things Josh said was they could play on a baseball team together. Watching that dream finally come true nearly a decade later has been so beautiful.  Josh loves coaching them, and the boys are really finding their way.  They're hitting consistently and getting better at catching & outs as well.  I am one proud mama!

Meeting... with each of the boys' teachers to discuss progress towards spring and what, if anything, we will need to work on over the summer.  All three teachers said our boys are like sponges, absorbing all the information they can.  Their grades are fantastic and they all love reading.  We will work on continued reading, writing & math over summer in hopes they don't lose any of the progress they've made this year.  It sure feels good to see how well public school has gone this year, and it feels even better to hear the teachers say what good, hard working boys we have.

Freaking out... about being a homeowner.  Wednesday night I got home from the twins' practice followed by Wyatt's practice to find Josh upside down in a giant hole he dug in the yard, attempting to fix a leak we had in the water line that split from the street.  One direction split off for our house and one direction for the sprinkler system.  The valve busted.  And we were without water.
After our week and a half of family stomach flu, plus my trip to the children's hospital, I was desperately behind on the laundry as it was. I didn't have time to get further behind.  Not to mention I had a sink full of dishes, four dirty kids plus myself and Josh who would need showers in the morning.  We took a deep breath, called a plumber and sent up a prayer that it wouldn't break the bank.  One hour and $400 later, we had a fixed valve and running water.  Praise the Lord!

Watching... Patriots Day with Mark Wahlberg for date night last week, and sobbing the entire time.  The whole thing was so unbelievable and the resilience of people inspiring.  We also saw Moana last weekend for the first time, which meant I spent the whole weekend singing "You're welcome."

Next week I have a blog post penciled in to post everyday in an effort to clear my dashboard before summer, as well as lots of baseball and plenty of sunshine in the forecast. It's gonna be a great week!


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Marilynn Raatz said...

I love all the pictures❤. Jack and Logan look so awesome playing baseball! Josh reading to all four kids is wonderful!