A Decision Has Been Reached

After much thought, we've decided to keep the boys separate for fourth grade.  After thinking putting them together would be lovely, we had a few days of fighting, some competition about spelling tests (despite being in separate classes currently) and a few friendship/playdate issues, I decided that even though having them together would be convenient for me (honestly, that was a big part of it!) I now realize that being apart is best for them.

They need their own friends, their own experiences, and their own relationships with each of their teachers.  They feel good about the decision, and so do I.

In other twin news, I received word a few weeks ago that I am one of the Top 80 twin bloggers.  I am #37, which was a pleasant surprise!  If twins fascinate you like they do me, check out the post to find some new twin bloggers you'd like to follow!


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Ziba Bird said...

Congratulations on your blog being in the Top 80 Twin Bloggers!