Around Here: Week 20

Waking... a little earlier than usual most days this week, which helped me keep my temper and not feel so rushed as we prepared for school.  I also got lunches made ahead of time most days, which was lovely.

Deciding... to do all my jobs without complaining (even internally) this week and selflessly giving in ways that would benefit my family.  I wasn't perfect at it, but I felt so much more positive and fulfilled because of it.

Chasing... Carly all over the world.  Any time she is free, she's-a-going!

Sticking... Carly in her stroller for all.the.things because of her roaming ways.  She is in it when we go to the doctor, when we walk the boys to school, when we take Wyatt to practice or attend the twins' baseball game.  Chasing her just wears me out, and I want to be able to watch the games, so there she sits, stuck as stuck can be, and I wonder, wearily, when she'll stop wandering away from me!

Noticing... little ways that Wyatt is growing up.  This week at school he wouldn't let me wipe his mouth (he had toothpaste on his lip), blow his nose or hug him goodbye. (Cue all the tears!) I also noticed that during his bedtime prayers instead of "Thank you for mommy and daddy" (like he used to always say) he now says, "Thank you for mom and dad."  Pardon me while I sit on the couch crying, tending to my freshly broken heart.  ;)
I am so proud of how far he has come in his independence (getting dressed, doing chores, making his own lunch) and his knowledge (asking Josh last week "I don't know if you'll know the answer to this dad, but how did God make the first humans?" and asking me, "How do we know the center of the earth is that hot?") and his maturity ("I'll just have to wait," when I am taking care of Carly or "I can help!" when he sees me get frazzled in the mornings), but along with his growing there have been a few growing pains (standing to pee means some pee on the floor; saying "mom" instead of "mommy"; and not wanting any public displays of affection).  Thank goodness God knows to make all kids different so I still have three that will hug me anywhere, any time!

Finishing... the bird puzzle I'd been working on. It was a hand-me-down puzzle and I was sad to find it was missing two pieces, although I still enjoyed it.  Also the twins and I finished The Magic Finger, a very short story by Roald Dahl.  They liked it a lot.  I personally finished Anne of Avonlea and The Inheritance this week.

Does anyone else feel like listening to an audio book is cheating? Josh has started listening on the drive to work (he has a 30 minute commute each way) and he recently "read" (listened to) The Great Gatsby and I said I was jealous he read such a great classic and he said it hardly counts since he didn't actually have to read it, just listen. It made me realize I feel the same way. I feel like listening to someone else read to me as I go about my chores is cheating somehow.  So funny.

Although I will say that listening to audiobooks has upped my "books read" list remarkably, and I will hit my Year-Long "24 Book" goal by the end of May. Amazing!  (I use the Overdrive app to check out books from my local library. You add your library using your library ID # and password-- for most libraries it's the last four digits of your phone number-- and then you can check out books to read on Kindle, or audio books to listen to on the Overdrive app itself.  I love it so much!)

Reading... three new books.  Yesterday I started The Magic of Motherhood, which was a gift from my friend Angie with the idea that when I finish, I'll send it along to another mama, who'll send it to another mama, and on and on, creating a village of mama's, all tied together by a book.  I love the idea so much.

I also started Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, who wrote The Girl on The Train, and The Here and Now by Ann Brashares, who wrote The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  I also made my SUMMER READING LIST (!!!) which I will be sharing sometime next week, along with my recap post about Screen Free Week and a few other I've had sitting my queue.

Enjoying... Mother's Day gifts from my children, and fresh flowers from our neighbor.  Oh, how I adore the smell of lilacs in a vase in my house, and sweet words from those boys I love so much.

Praising... my husband for his amazing home improvement skills.  He was able to take our sprinkler system, which hasn't worked in a few years according to our neighbors, and give it a second life.  He's been digging and plumbing and troubleshooting, and finally, on Sunday, he got the entire system working-- front, side and backyard.  I am beyond impressed!

Thankful... Josh took Wyatt to practice for me Wednesday so I could keep Carly and the twins home for an early bedtime.  The twins have been doing state testing this week at school, so early bedtime has been a must.  I'm also thankful for some new friends who had the twins over all day last Saturday.  It was so luxurious to only have two kids to chase after!

Eating... our first meal in the backyard on our picnic table! Thursday night Josh grilled up some burgers real quick before we had to divide & conquer (he took the twins to their game; and I took Wyatt and Carly to Wyatt's).  Dinner was delicious, and we were all so happy to be eating in the sunshine.  I look forward to many  more meals like that in our future.

Watching... Anne with an E, which had perfect timing seeing as I just finished reading Anne of Green Gables again.


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