Memorable Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was amazing.  Busy, full of family and totally amazing.  

I spent Friday cleaning madly while the twins were at school and Wyatt was home sick.   Josh's parents arrived first, and our boys were so happy to see Grandma & Papa after school.  Once the kids were in bed, his brother and sister-in-law arrived.  It was so good to see them.  We stayed up way too late talking and then the kids were up way too early!

{living room doubling as a guest bedroom, for the win!}

Saturday afternoon we headed to Josh's parents' land (40 acres!) that they just purchased here where we live.  His dad will retire next summer and they will move here.  We cannot wait!

On Sunday everyone who'd been here left, and my sister & her crew showed up.  She has two boys and a girl (Ferris, Milo & Annie), all super close in age with my kids.  

We had movie night with pizza & cookies Sunday night, and the kids were so sweet wanting to sit together and watch.  They were all exhausted from playing in the sun & water all day long!

Monday was more of the same.  Lots of time outside in the sun & heat on the trampoline with water.

(This girl! That smile! My heart!)

Carly-1, Jack-8, Wyatt-5, Milo-5, Ferris-7, Logan-8, Annie-1
{photo cred: Jack Sawyer}
What an amazing time with everyone who visited.  We were so happy to see Josh's sister & her beau, as well as his brother & wife.  And our kids were overjoyed to get some Grandma time over the weekend. I am in love with all the sky over their land, and am so anxious for them to move here!

And with my sister's family, our kids made so many special memories.  I ended the weekend feeling so grateful for family who loves us, for our house that kept us cool & for our backyard that kept the kiddos entertained.  We are so so blessed!


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Holly said...

That is so awesome that your in-laws bought 40 acres in your town! It looks so beautiful. And the rest of weekend sounds like such a blast too. Those baby girls are too precious.