Around Here: Week 22

{Josh's brother, Samuel; his dad Carl; and Josh}

{Carly, Jack, Wyatt, Milo, Ferris, Logan & Annie}

{Annie & Carly}

Hosting... Memorial Day weekend at our house.  So much family & so much fun.  What a blessing to have so much family come visit and love on our kids!  It left me feeling so grateful for our sweet little house and our awesome backyard!

Finishing... the twins' baseball season.  They had such a great team, with an awesome coach (plus Josh, who was the assistant coach) and it was all around a great experience.  They grew so much.  I feel so proud of them. (Plus, okay, I'll admit it, I also love (!!!) when they are dressed in their matching uniforms. Ha!)

Reading... Bear Town and The Mountain Between Us after finishing Anne of the Island, The Tailgate and Into the Water.  Into the Water was far too dark for my taste, and The Tailgate was not a Hildebrand favorite.  I thoroughly enjoyed Anne of the Island (and can't wait to start #4 of the series).  I am sorry to say that I've thus far been disappointed with Bear Town because it reminds me so much of Britt Marie Was Here.  Small town, obsessed with sports. We'll see if it gets better.  As for The Mountain Between Us, I'm hooked. It's really good!

Wrapping... up May with 28 books read!  My goal for the YEAR was 24, so I am very pleased to have read 28 in just five months.  The introduction of audiobooks in my life has been monumental, as has sending the kids to school!

I can listen to a story every day as I go about my chores, and I also listen as I walk home from dropping the boys at school and on the way there again to pick them up. Winning at reading, I tell ya!

Watching... the rest of Anne with an E and wishing there were 100 more episodes!  I know it varied (greatly!) from the original story, but I still really enjoyed it.

Planning... on daily gratitude in June (I have been in a "we're broke" funk and it's been stealing my joy); clearing my blogger dashboard (so close to summer and I really want all those drafts published!); and the boys' birthday party (the twins turn nine on June 6th & Wyatt turns six on June 15th and I'm letting them have their first "friend party").

Making... a summer bucket list, as well as goals for June including what books I want to read; trying meditation everyday for a week; and looking at my 100 small things to see what's left to accomplish before August.

Growing... plants from seed with Wyatt for our backyard garden.  He's so excited to watch them grow, and I can't wait to see what the harvest will be!  We have corn, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, peas, rhubarb, watermelon and dill.  He got his green thumb from his Grandma Carol.

Encouraging... Carly in her first adventure in baby wearing.  Her baby seems to tolerate it well, which is good cause Carly really needs to start getting things done around the house.  ;)

Enjoying... new bikes from my mom & dad for our boys.  They are all overjoyed to be riding their new bikes these last few weeks of school, and I'm happy to have such lovely gifts that will keep on giving all year long.

Feeling... inspired by this post on Clover Lane about summer.  I love the freedom and permission it gives me to create the summer that will work for my family, not the one that looks like everyone else's Pinterest board.

I also loved this quote:

I had spent the morning Wednesday barking orders at the kids, worried when we were running late, then lost my temper when Logan made a bad decision, and I was starting to really beat myself up about it after taking them to school when I saw this on my Instagram.  I decided then and there to forgive myself and remember that what I'm doing (raising four kids!) is hard (hard!) work, and I deserve a little grace.

I bet you do, too.



Marilynn Raatz said...

Wonderful post Shelly. I love, love, love the pictures!!! I love the quote so so much. I read Clover Lane. She is smart and inspiring. And I couldn't agree more. We are so happy the boys love their bikes. And proud of you for walking with them every day morning and afternoon so that they can ride!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the photos of her wearing her baby....SO cute!!

Elini Vilardi said...

Carly wearing her baby...I just melted into a puddle on the floor!!!