Nanny's House: Part 5 (The River)

 While we were in Vancouver visiting my parents, my sister and older brother met us at the Washougal River to go swimming.  Our usual spot is shut down for fish preservation currently, but luckily my dad knew of another spot we could try.  My boys had so much fun, as did Carly.  I would say I had a good time, but I was exhausted of counting, "1, 2, 3, 4" over and over again in my head (counting kids). I am so glad my kids love the water, but taking them to the river without Josh felt a bit overwhelming now that Carly is mobile and into everything. Ha!

After a summer spent in the pool, Carly was SO excited to play in the river. It was adorable.


Marilynn Raatz said...

Such a fun day. I didn't like the moments I was counting too, and couldn't see one of the boys now and then, but oh they had so much fun!! And those babies!! So grateful we could all get together!!

Ashley said...

That looks like such a fun spot!
And Carly's bathing suit is ADORABLE. I love that age, even though they're into everything...all of your pictures and reflections about her make me think of myself with Sophie. Hard to believe she'll be FIVE next week. Time goes by so fast!