Around Here: Week Seven {2018}

{"No one except mom"}

{2003... When it all began...}

Finding out... Logan has a concussion from his fall last weekend.  So we've had to try to keep him laying low this week as he is recovering.  In addition to a concussion that's left him with a pretty bad headache off and on, he's adjusting to a medication increase for his seizures, so he's also been extra tired and dizzy.  We're hopeful that next week he'll take a turn and start feeling more like himself.
In terms of additional seizure activity, he did have one absent seizure this week, on Sunday, where he couldn't answer me for about twenty seconds.  Afterwards he was really sleepy and passed out for about two hours.  He went back to school Wednesday following the concussion & doctor appointments and has been feeling a little better each day since then.

Waking up.... to surprise snow on Valentine's Day.  We got about three inches, and the kids were overjoyed!  We had two hour late start and got the chance to play out in it before heading to school.  It has since melted and Wyatt is heartbroken.

Celebrating... Valentine's Day in all the ways.  Josh got me flowers, yellow roses, which are my favorite. My mom surprised the kids by sending a box of goodies for them (and me)!  In the afternoon, Carly and I joined Wyatt's classroom for his party.  It was so much fun.  His little classmates are the sweetest.  The whole day just had me feeling so thankful for my loved ones, near and far.

Loving... that I am still one of Wyatt's favorite people.  In the last two months, I have definitely lost my cool factor with Logan and Jack (unless I have Carly with me, then I am still allowed to hang around) so it's really nice that Wyatt still wants to be with me.  He drew a picture with chalk in the driveway of me in the sunshine and then wrote that no one was allowed except mom. Sigh. Love that kid!

Reading... all the books to Carly.  Especially Mr. Panda books and The Quiet Book.  Thank goodness she has three brothers who can read as well!

I'm still working on three books myself.  Phantom Illness (about hypochondria) is going well.  Lots of insight.  It's hard to read at times, but I know it's important that I get a grip on what's going on with me so I can better handle those episodes when they happen. I'm about halfway through Happier at Home for The Inspired Readers Book Club.  We are all finding ourselves inspired to organize our lives; be better wives & mothers; and pursue happiness on purpose.  It's very exciting!  And lastly, I am listening to Purple Hibiscus which is very captivating. 
I need to wrap these three up so I can get started on the The Five Love Languages for my local book club and I also chose The Immortalists for The Inspired Readers' Book Club for March which I am super excited about as well! 
Oh! And! Today when I got the mail, my mom had sent me The Great Alone. Gah! Talk about GOOD MAIL!!!

 So much to read, so little time!

Waving... goodbye to Carly as she departs for Grandma's Carol's house.  She got all loaded up in her Little Tykes car and told me she was off for Vancouver to see Grandma.  She's so cute!

Feeling... more and more like myself after last week's hypochondria episode and subsequent anxiety.  I'm still a bit shaky (especially in the mornings), and not quite 100%, but I'm so much better, and so, so grateful. Feeling normal after feeling so off feels like the biggest blessing ever!

Enjoying... how helpful the big boys are these days.  On mornings when we're running late or I have a lot to do, it's awesome that they can load the dishwasher, fold a load of laundry or make lunches. I love that they have the ability now to lighten my load.

Watching... Wyatt stress over the sweet new girl in his class (who I believe is from Honduras) who doesn't speak any English. He is obsessing over learning Spanish now so he can communicate with her.  He is just such a tender heart.  So we've downloaded a Spanish app and each day he's doing lessons so he can start learning Spanish and communicate with her.

Sending... the boys off to school today with Josh for Donuts with Dads.  They had so much fun! I'm glad he was able to go.  Our boys are so lucky to have him.


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