Love From Nanny

My mom (whom the kids call Nanny) sent a box of gifts for the kids for Valentine's Day.  I took pictures as they opened their presents, and loved their faces.  Especially the twins!!  Logan got a beautiful gold ring that he loves.  He is super into jewelry right now.  He was so excited to wear it today.  Jack got a new watch that he was equally excited to wear today.

Wyatt got a word game that he loved and played for a long time yesterday afternoon.  Carly got a bath tub game called Pipes that she has yet to play with, but that looks super fun. I think all four kids will get a kick out of it!
Thanks for loving our kids so good, mom!

As a (huge!) surprise for me, my mom sent me this amazing rainbow stack of Fiestaware plates for Valentine's Day.  She's been slowly building my Fiestaware collection and I can't begin to tell you how happy the collection makes me when I open my cabinets everyday.
Thanks mom!

Thanks for the "sparkly hearts" outfit for Carly, Grandma Carol.
She told everyone she saw that her shirt had "sparkly hearts" that "Grandma" bought. 
It was adorable!

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Shelly, I saw this post this afternoon but I saved it until I was home and could get on my computer to see the pictures!! Thank you!! It truly made my week. Your kids are so sweet and I love to treat them. They are so appreciative. And you - I love that you love Fiestaware and I am so happy to add to your happy kitchen.