March Goals:

Read 8 Books:
I already finished The Great Alone & Little Soldiers, which feels terrific! On the recommendation of a good friend, I picked up Nightingale, also by Kristin Hannah, like Great Alone was, and I have not put it down. I bought it Saturday, and I'm already on page 300.  It's so good.  In fact, this morning when Josh got up at 5:00am to work out, instead of rolling over to go back to sleep, I turned on my bedside lamp and laid in bed reading until 6:30 when I finally got up and made his lunch.

Phantom Illness
The Immortalists
The Case Against Sugar
The Untethered Soul
Braving The Wilderness

The books I actually choose to read may or may not be these specific books, but these are the ones I have my eye on. We shall see!

Track Eating:
Write down what I'm eating every single day in March

Track Swearing:
Mark with tick marks any swearing I do on my wall calendar each day

Track Yelling:
Put a sticker on the calendar for days when I am successful

Journal 2x weekly:
Write down my feelings, especially on days when I yell or lose my temper

Blog 3x weekly:
Get creative with the blog.  Keep up with weekly "Around Here", monthly book reviews, and Carly's monthly updates.  Brainstorm other ideas as well.


1 comment:

Ashley said...

Don't you just LOVE when you can't put a book down?! My favorite!
Can't wait to see how you get creative with the blog too! xo