A Break In The Clouds

"This is motherhood- 
unpredictable and beautiful at the same time.  

We hope for sunshine, 
but learn quickly that the weather can change in a moment, 
so we ought to prepare for anything. 

We make more appointments, 
find good resources, 
pray and ask for prayer, 
have a good cry 
and then display total confidence, 
but mostly, we just wait.  

And even with the knowledge that it won't last forever- 
and that soon enough we will know what storm we may have to weather- 
this watching, assessing, and wondering is difficult.  

We want resolutions, but sometimes the answers are long coming, 
and other times there just aren't any 
and we have to learn to live and thrive and find joy 
right there in the middle of the wait. 

So much of motherhood is waiting, 
but so much of motherhood 
is also hoping, believing, and loving 
the work right in front of us."

-Katie Blackburn

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