2017-2018 School Year

These three guys' last day of school was Friday.  They are out for summer!!! This school year feels like it flew right by!  I think part of that is how sick everyone was and how busy I was taking care of them.  Wyatt's asthma has a way of making the weeks fly by in a blur of no sleep and lots of worry.  Thankfully he's healthy now and we have an appointment next week to get his allergy testing done, so hopefully that will give us some answers about if anything is exacerbating his asthma.

The twins wrapped up fourth grade with good grades and happy memories.  They have grown so much during their two years in public school and I think they are ready to start fifth grade.  We have opted, again, to have them in separate classrooms because we feel that is what's best for their distinct personalities and it decreases the chances that they will be compared to each other, which is something we are trying to minimize.  (They still do it, but we want to make sure that we, as adults, aren't doing it!  Harder than it sounds!)

Wyatt finished first grade with some amazing testing results and we're super proud of the awesome student, reader & speller he is.  He really excels in school and it's nice to see him blossom there.  I think he's looking forward to some downtime, though, as he loves to play and be outside, really misses Carly when he's at school, and loves to spend time in the garden.

I am nervous for summer with all of them home, I won't lie.  The spring was hard for me as I struggled with anxiety and I worry how I will make sure I get some "me time" in with the four kids home, but since Josh is a teacher, he will be home, too, and he assures me that it will all be okay.  (I thank God for that guy everyday. Seriously.)

I've made some bucket lists for myself and the kids, as well as some realistic things that the kids and I need to accomplish each day.  I think it will create a nice balance of work and fun for all of us, and it makes me less anxious for what's to come.  I've committed to walking everyday because it's so good for my mental health, and Josh agrees that it's something that's really good for me, so we're on the same page there.  Early bedtime is also a must because I will continue teaching with VIPkid throughout the summer, so that will help keep the kids and I on a good schedule.  I'm also hoping to do some adventuring in our area.  Even though we've been here two years, there are a lot of places we've yet to explore.

I'll close this little end of the year post with some first & last day of school photos so you can see how the kids have grown (maybe especially Carly!?!) and changed this year.  It's so fun to see!

August 2017
May 2018

First Day of School
Last Day of School

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Tabitha Studer said...

Happy Summer! We are doing much of the same over here - small bucket list items that include visiting new (and favorite places) with the daily chore charts thrown in there. hah! We've been in summer for about two weeks now and it hasn't been too bad in the wearing me down (hah! there's hope!) the sib arguing is standard (although separating them for a little while each day has been healthy and helpful!)

I love your first day and last day posts. I can see the difference in everyone growing up (so happy but so sad too for mommas!) but such a clear difference in your family commitment to healthy eating too! You are such a great mom! And I love that that you guys walk/ride to school! So jealous that you can do that - what an awesome way to start and finish the school day with moving your bodies!