Around Here: Week 22 {2018}

 Posting... my list of summer reads.  It's packed with fourteen awesome books (many from Modern Mrs. Darcy) and I'm so excited about it!  I can't wait to jump in!

Visiting... my sister in Wenatchee for a water park playdate at the splash pad and loving that our kids have so much fun together!  I'll be doing a post all about it soon.  (Maybe even tomorrow!)

Thankful... that Jack is feeling better.  Toward the end of this week Wyatt started having a runny nose and sore throat, but so far it's not impacting his peak flow numbers or lungs too much, and I'm thankful for that as well.

Increasing... Logan's medication this week.  I am really hoping it will decrease his seizures.  He had two this week, one at home Monday and one at school Tuesday.  We are one medication dose increase away from the amount his doctor wants him at.  So I am really holding my breath, praying that they will stop.

Playing... in the water a lot.  The kids are loving all the warm weather, anxious for summer.

Still... dreading summer myself and assigning chores last weekend to my "bored" nine year olds.  They told me one too many times they had nothing to do, so they got the opportunity to clean the garage. Lucky boys! ;) I'm hoping that will teach them not to complain to their mother about being bored.  Only one blessed week of freedom for me left.  Then school is out for summer Wahhh! (Not that I'm counting down the hours!)

Suffering... with a very cranky two year old.  I think she's getting her two year molars so naps have been hit and miss and she's been very likely to tantrum and yell and cry for no good reason. It is wearing me out!!! 

Loving... all the flowers in our yard.  They look so beautiful!  Josh even surprised me one night by bringing a rose in for me, and putting it in a vase. It made me so happy!!!

Attending... the twins' last baseball game of the season.  Jack hit the ball so hard, he got an awesome double.  He also pitched and did really well.  I am so proud of him and Logan, and also Wyatt & Carly who were really well behaved during all the games.  We've had a super fun season!

Reading... and finishing Force of Nature by Jane Harper on audio.  It was so good!  Very similar to The Dry which I listened to last year.  Now I'm listening to The Girl in Cabin 10, which is completely engrossing. I'm also reading Not That I Could Tell and finishing The Queen of Hearts. I'm not the only crazy reader in the family- Wyatt got an award this week from his teacher for having the most reading minutes this year: 7, 415 in total! I'm so proud of him!

Losing... five pounds in May, making it a total of 28 pounds lost since January.  I am down to 172lbs, and am feeling very motivated to get into the 160's.  I'm really not dieting, we have just changed our family eating habits, less carbs and less sugar, and no eating after dinner.  I am also not emotional eating anymore.  And I don't consume soda or coffee.  In fact, I had a Coke the other day in Wenatchee and I couldn't even drink half of it. It felt like it was burning my throat, and I was afraid it was going to make me sick! 

Walking... Wyatt to school 3x this week because Jack told me the responsibility of taking both Wyatt and Logan was too much.  Logan rides ahead and Wyatt is too slow and Jack feels torn between taking care of the two of them.  He knows Wyatt is little and not always careful of cars, but he also knows at any moment Logan could have a seizure, and he needs to be near him, so balancing those two responsibilities just got to be too much for him.  So I told him I would ride Wyatt to school for the rest of the year.  It feels good to be back walking again after such a long break.


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