Full Bucket

I am blessed in that my sister and her crew live only an hour from me now, and we take advantage of that as often as possible, especially in the summer months!  So last weekend we met up on Sunday for a little shopping at Old Navy- she has one in her city (I don't!) and some cousin playtime at their splash pad.
Carly was not interested in the splash pad.  She said it was "too coooold!" but the boys couldn't get enough!  Roxanne's son Milo & my son Wyatt are only about three and a half months apart, and they are the cutest when we get together.  We joke that they are little old men.  This time they sat together on the bench, sharing a beach towel to warm up; then they walked together along the paved path; and even posed with their "old men" faces for me.  hehe.  I love those silly boys.
We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and bright green grass and took some photos of my niece Ari and oh boy did we get some sweet shots of her.  She's so adorable!!!
It was so nice to spend some time with my sister and to let our kids spend time with each other as well. I left feeling like my bucket had been filled to the brim.


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Marilynn Raatz said...

When did Logan, Jack and Ferris get so tall?! Such great pictures, I am so happy you girls and your kids get to be together!! xoxo