Counting Down...

We're counting down the days currently... the twins turn ten on Wednesday (June 6th) and I am equal parts shocked that it's been ten years and happy to be in this place of parenting.  It is so much easier now than it used to be (when they were small) and they are so fun to interact with (when they aren't fighting with Wyatt.) Ha!

This morning at breakfast (Jack made us all eggs- another perk of them getting older) I was asking them about being twins and I asked if they ever wondered what it was like to be a singleton because I often wonder what it's like to be a twin.  They said no, they never wonder.  They said it would be lonely and boring.  Jack said maybe you would be closer to your other siblings, but they both agreed resolutely that they would not trade being a twin for being a singleton.  Ever.

It made my heart swell. 
They really love each other, and they are aware of the unique relationship they have.
They know how special what they have is.
And I'm so glad.


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