Around Here: Week 39 {2018}

Taking... the kids on a long walk Sunday after taking a walk by myself on Saturday.  I enjoy both, walking with and without the kids.  When I walked on my own, I listened to Jen Hatmaker's podcast with Glennon Doyle, which was SO good and inspiring about using pain to grow.  I had to stop and take so many notes on my walk because I kept having "aha" moments! Love that!
Sunday when I took the kids with me, we stopped and played at the park, and I wrote in my journal, which was equally as lovely.  While I was doing that, and distracted, Carly took off her socks & shoes and played in the puddles left by the sprinklers on the basketball court.  I believe she took off her shoes because last time she jumped in them with her shoes on and was very unhappy with wet shoes & socks... So I could hardly be annoyed with her since she had learned her lesson and took them off this time. Haha!

Decorating... for Halloween just in time for a BBQ at our house Saturday night.  Josh took the twins to his parent's land with him Saturday, so I just had Wyatt & Carly for the day.  So after my walk & podcast listening, we got to work tidying the house, making cupcakes and decorating for fall.  Wyatt and Carly had so much fun looking through all the decorations and reading all the Halloween books we had hidden away in my holiday tote.  I have decided that from here on out, I need to plan a party for the end of September every year because it motivated me to decorate for fall/Halloween even though I am really still mourning the end of summer. (wahhh!)

Convinced... I need to take a break from social media.  The podcast I listened to (link above) talked a bit about it, and I have also not been happy with the amount of reading I've been getting done (read: not enough!)... so I decided it's time to do something about it!  I am planning on doing a whole lot more reading, and am also aiming to blog every day in October! I'm hoping to empty my whole dashboard, which was my goal for August, but I didn't accomplish it. However, instead of feeling like a failure, I am giving myself an extension (hah!) and feeling motivated!

Walking... the boys to school everyday this week except Monday when Jack & Wyatt were home sick.  Jack had a doctor appointment for his back (which has been hurting him for two months at night) and Wyatt was still struggling with asthma symptoms following his recent cold.  Thankfully the doctor gave him a listen as well, and his lungs sounded clear, no pneumonia. Hooray!  He was able to go back to school the rest of the week.  I have been loving our walks in the clear fall air, especially this morning as the breeze made it seem like it was raining leaves.  It was so picturesque!

Playing... at the playground after school each day this week while we waited for Jack to finish Patrol duty.  He helps his fellow students safely cross the street one week each  month, and this week was his week. I am so proud of how responsible he is and how seriously he takes his responsibility.  A bonus this week was how nice the weather was. I had to change into shorts every afternoon before heading back to the school to play.  My summer loving heart was soaring!

Loving... Carly's new winter jammies.  They are HUGE (how is she in 3T already?!?) but so cute and cozy (donuts and kitties and peacocks) I love them! I am also loving how she calls her cup holder a "cup folder" and how she always hugs my legs and tells me I am "the best mama in the whole world." I seriously wish I could just freeze time some days.  She's so precious right now. 

Sad... that Josh is still in pain (mostly in his ear) from the shingles.  He's not in pain on his head anymore, so that's an improvement.  Now we are hoping to start seeing improvement in his face- hoping that some of the paralyzing side effects will start to fade, especially the inability to blink, which is forcing him to use eye drops constantly, poor guy.

Happy... on the other hand, that Logan has now gone THREE WEEKS seizure free!  I am so, so grateful that we (and his doctor) didn't give up and tried another medication.  Three weeks without a seizure has felt like an eternity.  He seems so free and light, and it's amazing the amount of freedom he can have without a seizure constantly on the horizon. 

Watching... This is Us, Unexpected & Teen Mom OG (there are two new cast members- I'm so excited!).

Relieved... that my Monat came in the mail and praying it will do for my hair what it has done for Haverlee (my Monat girl).  I wrote last week that my hair started falling out in droves about two weeks ago, and it had me really freaked out.  My doctor and I are pretty convinced it's from chronic stress from last spring, and that it's done falling out and now I just need to continue my good self care to be sure it doesn't happen again, but in the mean time, I am pumped to be trying a new shampoo line that is meant to help me grow my hair back and at the same time make the hair I have healthier and thicker. I will be sure to keep you posted!

Reading... and finishing Caroline, which was so very good.  If you enjoy Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie,  you will like Caroline, which is Little House, written from the mother's perspective.  (That said, it's not for children, as it is written for adults).  Since then I started listening to All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin, which has me hooked big time, and I am over halfway through the third and final book in the To All The Boys I've Loved Before trilogy.  It's so good, I am going to be very sad when Lara Jean is no longer part of my daily life!

Compiling... a fall reading stack to combat the sadness that I know will come when I do finish reading about Lara Jean.  I am getting the books I want to read for October and November together and will share them with you during my Blogtober (October blogging).  It's a fabulous list of books and it's making me excited about my break from social media and excited about bad weather (stuck inside on my new couch with a good book? Yes please!), both of which are good things!

Laughing... at this meme:

I'm very laid back.  
I only care about two things:

  • every person on earth & their opinion of me
  • the crushing psychological weight of being alive


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