Around Here: Week 50 {2018}

{photo credit: Logan}

{Where's Carly???}

Loving... these words: "Maybe knowing you're dying changes everything- while actually changing nothing.  Because we all know it every single day, whether we have a diagnosis or not: we all get one container of time- but no one gets to know what size that container is." -Ann Voskamp

And also these ones: "Your one broken heart always splits God's heart in two.  You never cry alone."  What beautiful comfort during hard times.  She is a phenomenal writer and I am loving The Broken Way, underlining something on nearly every page.  She says good things will grow out of all of our wounds and suffering, and I quite like that idea.

Watching... The Quiet Place with Josh and loving it.  I generally don't love scary movies, but this one was really good.  It wasn't gory.  And it had sign language, which I love in a movie. (Josh and I met in sign language class in high school and are fluent. Him more than me.)  Plus it had Jim from The Office in it, so that helped, too!  Love him!

Feeling... sad about Catelynn and Tyler (on Teen Mom OG) taking a break.  It is so ridiculous that I am so impacted by it!  But they are high school sweethearts (like us), and I just believe in them.  I so want them to make it!!!

Sending...  out our Christmas cards.  (At least most of them- some I will be handing out along with some baked goods-yummy!) I wrote up a Christmas letter this year, which was (as always) good for me.  I really enjoy looking back over our year and thinking of what it held and what can be learned from it.

Grateful... for my friend Shana & her friend Tammy.  Friends can just be the best!!

Taking... Logan to the eye doctor this week.  He's been complaining about his vision at school, especially when he's having to look at screens.  The eye doctor said since his last check up in June, his prescription has changed some, but not significantly, so he doesn't think we need to change Logan's prescription, which is a relief.  His eyes themselves also look healthy, which was a relief to hear because I had been worried with his new seizure activity.

Reading... The Deal of a Lifetime by Fredrik Backman and Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.  Winter Garden is really good.  I'm not sure how I felt about The Deal of a Lifetime.  It was kind of weird.

Proud... that I have instilled in my children the ability to recognize the beauty of a sunset.  Logan came RUNNING inside the other afternoon, begging to use my phone to take pictures.  I said sure, assuming he was taking pictures of something he and Jack were up to.  But when he came inside a few minutes later, he showed me the most stunning sunset pictures he had captured by climbing on top of his play structure in the back yard.  I love that my love of nature (which came from my dad) has been passed on to them.

Playing... at the park one afternoon after going so I could take pictures of the sunset.  The kids wanted to stay and play, so I said YES! and it was the best yes I said all week.  They were so happy, and therefore, so was I!  Plus I love the picture I got of them climbing the tree in the cotton candy sunset!

Enjoying... our first snowfall.  The boys went out sledding before school, and we enjoyed watching it fall.  I'm glad we took advantage because it melted fast and we've had rain ever since.

Working out... every single day this week.  It felt so good to do that after missing all of last week.

Freezing... in our house because of cold temperatures.  The twins wrapped blankets around their necks the other night while playing Legos because they were cold, and I'm always wearing layers.  When it's windy, it's just the worst!

Dealing... with lots of naughty behavior from Carly May this week.  She cut the hair off her My Little Pony, ate a cat treat (eww!) and just made messes like nobody's business as I tried to get ready for Christmas.  She's lucky she is cute!

Wrapping... gifts for my kids and the staff at school.  I put together really cute little packages for the staff assistants with bath bombs & Hershey kisses that look really fun.  I hope they love them!  I am so, so grateful for all they do for my kiddos everyday.  They are angels on earth, I tell ya!  For their teachers I did gift cards & chocolates- win/win, right?

Finishing... nebulizing Wyatt after two solid weeks.  I am so, so excited that he never needed the oral steroids this round.  I am just so proud of him and his lungs.  What a huge step in the right direction!

Laughing... that Carly is at that stage where she thinks that if she can't see you, you can't see her.  She will close her eyes, or go under her blanket, and think that for SURE you don't know where she is. It is so precious. We all giggle and pretend we can't find her, and then she pops out of her blanket on the couch, or opens her eyes and shouts, "Here I am!"

Letting... Jack wear Josh's old "Mr. C" sweatshirt because we both know that he won't always want to be Josh.  So we're going to let him be just like him for as long as he wants to be.


My new favorite. From my sister.


Elf Shenanigans:
Can you find Dashy?

Eating in the fridge
Hanging out in the car
Driving Carly's toy car around
One morning he gave us gingerbread houses!
He decorated Wyatt's little tree for him!

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Tabitha Studer said...

that first picture of the sunset!! gorgeous and should be a framer! We loved seeing your card in the mail - Brandon said, "Omigosh, those four all look just the same!" hahaha. hoping the season is going well for you! sending love and lots of hot cocoa! xxo