Around Here: Week 51 {2018}

Making... gingerbread houses with the kids.  We had the greatest time, listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, all of us singing along. (My favorite is Rewrite the Stars; Jack's is Never Enough; Logan's is The Other Side; Wyatt's is This Is Me)  Carly mostly ate the decorations while I obsessively decorated her house in tiny detailed perfection.
The boys' houses turned out adorably, and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  It was lovely.

And making... snowman pizzas for movie night Saturday.  Carly loved her snowman pizza.  I appreciate that she is still impressed with my (meager) creative abilities. Ha!

And making... snickerdoodles for dessert on movie night, per Logan's request.  The boys LOVED helping roll them in cinnamon & sugar and putting them on the tray, and we really enjoyed the change up- we usually have chocolate chip cookies.  Snickerdoodles are just so yummy!!!

And making... snowman pancakes Sunday morning, using bacon for arms, chocolate chips for its eyes, nose & buttons, and powdered sugar for snow.  Even the boys were impressed with the snowman pancakes, so I felt pretty proud of myself. ;)

Having... cousins over Sunday for a few hours to play, which ended up being really fun.  The kids watched Moana, played Legos and sand and cars and just generally enjoyed each other.  Meanwhile my sister and I got to visit, which was really nice, and I was so glad they were able to make it!
Jack wanted to spend time with Grandma & Papa out at their land instead so we dropped him off out there and he helped with some unloading there was to be done.

Attending... the boys' school concert on Monday with Carly in tow, which was equal parts fun (I love seeing all the families and kids dressed up) and exhausting (that girl never stops talking or moving, I swear!).  Honest mom moment: What did people do before cell phones?!? That is the only way we kept her quiet and sitting with us on the bleachers!

Dealing... with constant shenanigans from Carly May.  She was really into scotch tape and scissors this week, cutting paper and cardboard, and taping her pups and all kinds of things up.  At one point, she wasted an entire roll of tape, just rolling it up on itself.  That girl makes me take more deep breaths, I'm telling you!  And lately she is saying the word "butt" all.the.time.  I am trying to crack down, but with three brothers (who giggle every time she says it) I have my work cut out for me!!!  (Lucky for her, she's my fourth, so my parenting sense of humor is pretty well developed at this point.)

Keeping... Logan home most of the week as he had a terrible cold, runny nose, cough & sore throat.  I even took him in on Thursday because I was worried he had an ear infection and/or an issue with his lungs because his cough was so bad and his ear was hurting.  He is okay, he just has an upper respiratory infection that should heal in time.  In the mean time, it's lots of water, sleep & a humidifier in his room.  Poor kid!

Getting... the paperwork for Wyatt's surgery.  It is scheduled for January 18th.  They will remove his tonsils & adenoids in the hopes that it will improve his sleep apnea and sleep quality.  (And my hope is that that will then improve his immunity which will mean less colds which will mean less asthma & respiratory issues.  #momdreams)

Wrapping... all the Christmas gifts.  It felt so good to get done by Wednesday this week.  I am especially glad I got done early since Carly and I caught Logan's nasty cold and spent Thursday & Friday feeling pretty crummy.

Grateful... Logan only had one tiny (15 second) seizure this week, despite his sickness.  Maybe this new medication is going to be "the one"!!!

I had no idea what an empath really was...
Or the fact that I absolute am one...
Then I read this.
Holy spot on!!



Ashley said...

LOVE that snowman pizza idea! Adding that to my bag of tricks this winter, hah!

Unknown said...

I been following your blog since you lived in alaska.I can believe how big the boys are!!! And how beautiful Carly is. Good bless them and have a wonderful christmas can wait to see what they got for christmas