Road Trip :: Montana to Washington

The last leg of our journey was a long one, starting with Friday morning.

I was attempting to pack everything up for the 900 mile trek back to Washington from Montana, but our kids had other things in mind. Like fighting. And tantruming. And crying.
Holy awful.

Somehow I managed, while Josh had his final class at Rocky, to get us all packed up and the kids fed.

As soon as Josh got home we hit the road. 

Our goal was to drive until Josh couldn't continue on.

We made it through Montana fairly easily, stopping only for dinner.  My favorite part of the drive was passing the continental divide. You could see in all the rocks how the plates had run into one another. It was fascinating.

The boys were excited to play with their toys and watch more fresh movies.

We stopped for dinner in a tiny town called Alberton, Montana.  We ate at this quaint little cafe that had an ancient chocolate lab named Milk sleeping on the hardwood floor beneath our table.  The food was delicious and the kids loved the dog!

While Josh was gassing up the Pilot in Alberton after dinner, I stepped out of the car to snap some pictures, when a huge gust of wind swept down main street, giving me this hairdo!

After our stop the kids fell asleep and Josh and I enjoyed visiting in the quiet of the car.

Around tricities (in Eastern Washington) Josh decided he'd had enough driving.  So we pulled off to check into a hotel. But they were ALL booked.  We drove on to Boardman, and Umatilla... All booked.  Finally in the Dalles (only an hour and a half from home!!!) we found a hotel, at two in the morning, and settled in (grouchily) for the night. The twins went right down, but Wyatt was a wreck.  He screamed from two until about 3:30 when he finally passed out.  

We all slept until 8am and then bathed and slowly loaded the car to head home.
We arrived at my sister's house that afternoon and promptly laid down to take a nap, all five of us.

We were so happy to have that road trip tucked away in the memory books!

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allie. said...

the wild hair picture is probably my favorite one of you ever! love it!!