Ending the Week Well

 Two highlights this week:
1) Tucking Wyatt back in before I went to bed (I always find him askew in his sheets with no blankets on) and he, still asleep, wrapped his chubby little arms around my neck, tight as could be, and whispered, "I love you, mommy."  

2) This note from Jack.
"Mom is the best mom.
Mom lets us watch
TV. Mom is the
{Me with my white board note from Jack;
and Wyatt talking on the phone to my mom.}


 The snow has been slowly building over the last few days.

And now it's got a serious layer.  
The snow machines are out.
People are happy!

 I took the boys for a walk in it. 

It was cold & windy, but the snow was sparkly and beautiful and magical, and I was so glad we got out.


In homeschool, we did an oil & water experiment, and the boys loved it!
{Baby oil & dyed water}


 The sunrises with the clouds and the snow have been breathtaking.  Every morning the boys and I rush to the window as the sun rises so we can see the show.


 Josh's mom sent pumpkins and my boys are very excited to decorate them this week!  We are very ready for Halloween!


 The colder weather has meant longer days inside.  Lots of couch snuggling, movie watching and game playing.  The new favorite in our house is Charlotte's Web.  They particularly like Templeton.


We got our workout machine!
We spent some of our PFD money (oil money from the state of Alaska) on a two-in-one eliptical/recumbent bike.  We absolutely love it and I think it's going to make getting exercise so much easier.

We are not the only ones who enjoy it. The twins are HUGE fans.  Logan spent quiet time on Thursday working out.  He got all sweaty and was so proud of himself!


The boys are dying to play with "little legos" (as opposed to the Duplo legos we have) and I have to be honest, my mom feet are just not ready.  But this week, with day after day spent stuck inside, I have allowed them to play with the one baggie of little legos that we have.  I have indeed stepped on a few, but the joy it brings them to create things has outweighed my aggravation.  

I am not fully committed to switching to little legos, but this little bit of practice has been good for the boys.

 Last year, in May, the boys' bedroom curtain rod fell down. It was a cheap rod, so I just taped the curtain over the window, knowing in the fall I would take care of it.

So when we got here I ordered a new curtain rod from Target and when it came, Josh put it up.  The boys' bedroom window now opens.  And they have a view. Of the river!  See? 

They also have a view of the base of Mt. Pilcher.  (To the right) See?
Such lucky boys! We LOVE having the extra light upstairs. 


 After a rough beginning to the week (Monday & Tuesday were exhausting!) I was glad to wrap up the week feeling peaceful.  I feel like I magically hit a groove, and it's a good thing.

Heading into the last week of October, I am celebrating.  I'm celebrating that I've made it through what was a tough month last year.  I'm celebrating that homeschool is going really well.  I'm celebrating that these are the last few weeks before my 32nd birthday.  

So much joy!



Courtney Romine said...

Love your Halloween decorations, and the "tevee" note is adorable. Your boys are just too sweet!

Angela said...

I haven't blogged in forever, but I'm still reading. You inspire me all the time. Can I just say that it is so weird to see all the snow. We had a fall festival at the school yesterday where it was 85 degrees. We are so ready to see some fall here in Texas.

kristin hartwig said...

I'm wondering what plant you have in that last picture.

Today my Mom sent me a picture of Dad eating lunch outside, green trees, in a short-sleeve shirt. I, in turn, sent her a picture of my husband eating string cheese on the porch, surrounded by snow...

Anonymous said...

Adorable note. All that snow already, snow up Mt Hood. Dropping to 50s this weekend here. Wahh. You go girl, so glad October went so well for you.