Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we always follow the same tradition:
Open new jammies (thanks, mom!), put said jammies on, 
then watch a movie while enjoying some of daddy's homemade pizza.

After that lovely little tradition, we do bedtime as usual.
I love these pictures.  Everyday of our lives, this is what life looks like at 6:30pm.  
It's sacred time, I tell you.


Once those boys were tucked in cozy, prayers said and hugs given,
Josh and I hustled downstairs to prep for Christmas morning.

I stuffed stockings, wrapped gifts & sorted the gifts into piles to make the morning a little easier.

The boys helped me wrap some of the gifts.
Love how Jack wrote "Mome" on this one.
And "Dadddy" on this one.
Meanwhile Josh was working his tail off putting together piece after piece of lego creations for those boys of ours.

Luckily he said he enjoys the process.
And we knew the look on the boys' faces in the morning would be well worth it.

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sylvia said...

How fun! My son is almost five and we just switched to little legos , but man o man the pieces are everywhere:) oh well he loves em. What a cozy christmas you arranged or the boys!