Made Of Love

There are three things in my life that are solely made of love.

& Wyatt.

Had things gone according to plan, there would have been another little Cunningham, also made of love, joining our crew this spring.  But alas, it was not meant to be.

But on this day when we celebrate love, those three little cherubs are proof that true love exists.  Proof that our love exists.

I love this man so much.  I love the way he knows me, cares for me, and supports me on this journey.  I am so grateful for the love that fills our home.  Love for mommy, love for daddy & love for brothers.

I love that our family is made of love.


Kimberly F said...

Happy Valentine's Day Cunningham family!!

Annery said...

Beautiful family. Prayers for your healing and your little saint.