Getting Outside

I have been so sad the last two weeks-- the cold weather has returned, and after nearly two weeks outside every.single.day, the afternoons stuck inside are dragging on and on.  The only positive side to this is that we have been doing a lot more arts & crafts.  Other than that, we're just getting on each other's nerves and wishing it was June & we were in Washington!

My friend Tabitha introduced me to the 1000 Hours Outside blog, and I am hooked.  Not everything applies to our family considering we live so close to the arctic circle... but I am inspired nonetheless.

This post has me excited for getting back home for summer vacation.  Evening bike ride/walks around the neighborhood after dinner and before bed sound lovely.  Spending time kicking back in the front yard, tossing the football around to get the last of their energy out sounds lovely.  Enjoying walks along the waterfront, sunsets at the beach, and climbing at the park are all right up my alley, and being in Washington will make all of them feasible.

I also found this post, about how being outside makes your kids healthier, fascinating.  Sure, it's just anecdotal, but what she says makes sense.  The more time your kids spend outside, in the sun, in the dirt, running & playing, the healthier they are going to be.

The main thing inspiring us to get outside as of late is the boys' bikes!  Josh pulled them out of the storage box a few weeks ago, and the boys were so excited!  Wyatt only tried his out once, as it's a little big for him, but the twins have ridden every time we've gone out.  It makes me so happy they enjoy it as much as they do.

{This is the puddle that was originally covered in ice...}
Now some of the time, getting outside is a lot of work for only a little payout.  Like when we finally get bundled up, and it's too cold (or windy) to stay out.  Or we finally get our gear on and make it to the park and Wyatt needs to go potty. sigh.

...Or we make it to the school, the weather is great and the kids are happy, and the twins get adventurous on a huge puddle covered with a thin sheet of ice and Jack, going slower than Logan when he safely crossed, cracks the ice, splashing into the frigid water below, soaking himself up to his armpits in freezing water and losing his bike in the puddles' depths.  

Days like those, we have to rush home to get kids into the tub to keep the hypothermia at bay, and our outside plans get scratched.

Some days getting outside is challenging.  Some days don't turn out how I envision.  Some days it's really messy or boring or exhausting.  But everyday I know it's what's best for my boys, so I will keep "Getting Outside" on the top of my priority list.


Happy Earth Day, people!!!
Go hug a tree!


Holly Parlier said...

I love outside time too - I will have to check out that blog! And I have a random nosey question. Hehe. Your hair always looks so good! Do you have a hairdresser there or do you only get it cut in the summer? Or are you just one of those gifted hair people? ;)

Holly Parlier said...
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Shelly Cunningham said...

Oh my gosh, Holly, you are so sweet. To tell the truth, I get my hair cut once a year, usually when I get home for the summer. I get it all cut one length so that when it grows out, it doesn't look funny. I think twice in four years I have had Josh trim my hair while we're in Alaska. He just cuts it straight across my back, giving me a trim.
I don't dye it because there's no way I could keep it up out here. There are no salons or stores. I had to teach myself to cut the boys hair (including Josh's) before we moved out here cause I knew it'd fall to me!
The only thing I do everyday is blow dry my hair and curl it. It makes me feel human! Plus, if I leave it wet, I freeze!

Holly Parlier said...

That is awesome that you are so naturally blonde too :). Yeah no wet hair in Alaska I bet!