Throwback Thursday: Berry Picking

Can I just say I love Josh's kids? (That's what I call his students.)  Each one has a special place in my heart and I especially love how tender they are with my kids.  Any time one of them sees the four of us (out in the village or at the playground) they always say hello to every single one of us. "Hi Shelly! Hi Logan! Hi Jack! Hi Wyatt!"  They say it like we are the highlight of their week, and it never fails to make me smile.

I loved looking back at these pictures of our adventure hiking Mt. Pilcher on a field trip day back in September.  The students were super helpful, assisting the twins in berry picking and encouraging them to try each kind of berry.

I also loved looking back because in these pictures I can really see that I have trimmed down from working out the last four months.  I may not be dropping the pounds, but I am definitely in better shape. Literally!


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James Cash said...

Looking at these photos I miss rural Alaska so much. Living the Alaska city life isn't nearly as fun!