This Week

Loving the new pens I got from my friend Kori!  They write like a dream, and come in every color a girl could dream of.  Best mail I got all week!

Reading How To Be a Woman.  I am cracking up and underlining like crazy.  I finished If I Stay, and I'm sorry, but I hated it. I didn't super love the book, and I thought the ending sucked!

Looking forward to our new bible study by Ann Voskamp.  It's about 1000 Gifts which I read a year and a half ago and constantly refer to.  So excited to fill my soul with inspiration.

Wishing that we had cheese.  We are on week two of no cheese, and it's getting a little hard to be creative in the meal department.  Meatloaf? Check.  Sloppy Joe's? Check.  Golden Mushroom Soup Patties? Check.  And for lunch? PB & J everyday.  We'll be so happy (like, jumping up & down, throwing the good confetti excited) when the cheese Uncle Samuel bought us arrives!

Craving more of the awesome creamer people sent me in their care packages.  I drank through it all and am waiting for more from Amazon. (#becauseihaveaproblem)  In the meantime I am drinking Hazelnut, but only because I'm desperate!  (I prefer vanilla caramel).  I know, #firstworldproblems.  What can I say? I'm a mom, I don't sleep a lot, and a warm cup of coffee makes me a much kinder homeschooler/human being.

Nailing my goals for April!  Not swearing, blogging everyday and working out five days a week! I am killing it! Woot Woot!

Thankful that Jack traded beds with Logan, so he no longer fears mummies under his bed.  That kid and his anxiety can wear me out emotionally.  He's so similar to me, it's eery.  And I am often at a loss as to how to guide him through it.  So Jack's big heart gave me a free pass this week.

Enjoying the apple muffins I made with Wyatt earlier this week.  I took the apple cake recipe my mom gave me, and mixed it with the streusel recipe I found in my Betty Crocker cookbook and made muffins instead of cake with caramel frosting.  The kids like them, and I love them!

Laughing at the boys wanting to snuggle together in Wyatt's bed.  We barely fit, but they loved every second of it!


PS- I will be compiling a post about life in rural Alaska soon, and would love to answer any questions you may have about rural living, homeschooling or our family in particular. As you know, I'm an open book, so please ask away!


Holly Parlier said...

No cheese?!?! How are you surviving? ;) I have one who is easily frightened too. We had to ban the word "Bigfoot" bc if his brother even said the word, he'd be in our bed crying that night. I was the same way too. It is interesting that it's only one twin and not the other!

Our Family said...

I love your blog and insights into rural Alaska! My question is: How do you plan for homeschool supplies in rural Alaska? Do you have a set list of what to buy each summer? How do you estimate paper, paint, etc. when there's no supply store in town?

Courtney Romine said...

We're getting close to the end of our big cheese brick, and I'm dreading it. And coffee creamer...oh my! I woke up this morning and realized I was out. And Mama ain't doing Friday at school with no coffee. No milk in the house either. But what we did have was ice cream. So I melted some and stirred it into my coffee - crisis averted!

Kristin in Alaska said...

What are golden mushroom soup patties?

Amanda said...

My question: Can you tell us about and possibly show more pics of the school and maybe your husband's classroom? I have 5th grade son in public school and a Kinder son I am homeschooling right now. I am also a former Kindergarten Public School teacher. (I quit teaching when my oldest son was born) So seeing how your public school there maybe different from here in Mckinney Tx would be interesting to me. I loved the Saturday social you guys do there and the Berry picking field trips;)