A Big Boy Birthday Party

"I'm going to be four!"

Today marks Wyatt's 4th birthday.  To celebrate, Josh barbecued chicken wings and we ate double chocolate cake after dinner.  He is so happy to be four.  "A big boy" he says joyfully.

A few days ago, we had a "big boy" party for him & his brothers.  We ate cupcakes, opened presents and swam our little hearts out.  It was so wonderful to celebrate our three beautiful, happy, healthy boys here at home with our family.

How blessed we are.



Tabitha Studer said...

has there ever in the history of the Earth been pictures that showed more visible joy than those pictures of Wyatt and Josh?! Their expressions just brightened my morning! Happy Birthday Cunningham boys - all the way from PA! xxoxxo

Holly Parlier said...

Happy birthday wyatt! And I agree with above, the pictures of him and his daddy are too too sweet.

Kasey said...

Happy Birthday! He's right, four is so big! (P.S. - Simon was scared about turning four next month until he realized he gets to move up to the biggest classroom at school.)

Kimberly F said...

Happy birthday to your boys!