Life Stills

Jack the catcher
No boots? No problem.
Self entertaining, my favorite
These are on the wall opposite where I sit to homeschool.  They  make me so happy each morning!

So glad to be reading again. And these books? So thought provoking!

An ever-so-thoughtful gift for Baby Girl...
I left it out just so I can look at it.

Fall in the Northwest... There's just nothing better.

Sometimes technology is our friend. Like this guy. He completes me. ;) 

What our days look like 
23 Weeks with Baby Girl... No hiding her!

Logan making his mama proud!

Counting down the days until Daddy gets home.  We cannot wait!

Enjoying feeling little girl kicking in my belly.  I am still in disbelief that the pregnancy stuck; that it's a girl; and that I will be 24 weeks (6 whole months!) on Sunday.

Working hard at baseball.  Jack's been playing catcher, and every time I see him in the gear, I just die. He looks so grown up, and it's written all over his face how proud he feels.  Logan is working through his fear of the ball and is understanding so much more about the game.  My mama heart is so proud of them.

Getting a groove for school.  It feels totally normal to wake up and do school here Monday through Friday.  We have our Saxon Math and Reading going and I am really enjoying it everyday.

Frustrated that despite how old the boys are, I still can't leave the room to go to the bathroom without returning to a WWF match on their beds or mine. Sigh.

Loving Parenthood.  It's seriously kept me going.  I try to watch en episode each night.  I am working my way through all five seasons so I can (finally!) watch season six, which I hear was epic.

Super proud of how Wyatt as adjusted to entertaining himself after a summer on the go.  He plays contently the entire time the twins and I do school and has the best imagination.

Feeling spoiled with the amazing fall weather we have had.  It's been in the 80's here, and sunny most days.  I think the rain is finally setting in, but that bit of Indian Summer was fine by me!

So happy to have my photo printer (thanks Josh!) so I can make copies for school, scan paperwork for bills, etc., and print our family photos.  I smile every time I look at them.

Reading the last two chapters of The Winter of Disconnect, and the first three chapters of The Power of Now.  Both such thought provoking books.  I feel like I have so much to learn.  It's exciting.
(On a related note, I get to pick this months' book club novel, so stay tuned!  I'll be sharing that announcement soon!)

Oh-so-grateful for my sweet internet-friend Ashley who inspires me (daily this month! Yay for Blogtober) and is always thinking of others.  Last week she sent me a collection of Usborne books for the boys; an outfit for baby girl (see adorable bunny onesie above) as well as some treats for mama, including the most awesome bookmark ever. It's like a rubberband, so my kids can't lose my page. What?!? Ah-mazing!


Ashley B said...

Isn't that bookmark awesome? Sorry it took so long for me to get the package to you!

Tabitha Studer said...

six months already!! So exciting and feeling her move!! oh gosh, best. You are one brave momma watching Parenthood while pregnant! I can't even watch it in regular non-hormanal state without bawling every.single.episode! It really is the best show though, no doubt about it. (I too have not seen the final season yet)