The Twins... long ago

This fall our boys have talked a LOT about missing their friends in Marshall.  So when I came across these great pictures of them at the running competition we had with Russian Mission last year, I had to post them.  They really did have a lot of great friends in our village, and I miss those little kiddos so much!

And also, this picture may be one of my favorites of them ever.  They are so in sync, even their fingers are flexed the same way!


Marilynn Raatz said...

They are so cute!!

Holly Parlier said...

They are adorable. And it's funny how they are looking so much bigger all of a sudden. I swear 7 is so different from even 6! All of mine have birthdays in the next few months. Hard to believe I'll have an 8 year old!

Tabitha Studer said...

that was only last year! they look so little! eeek. they grow too fast, but I love getting to watch 'what comes next' in your boys while I watch Grey grow. xxxox