The Last Three Weeks

For the last three weeks, I've gotten to be this girls' mama.  Her brothers have gotten to experience a sister, and her daddy has experienced a daughter.  It's been beautiful.  And I've captured a whole bunch of it on camera.  (If you'd prefer to see the pictures one by one as I take them & share them on Instagram-- follow me here!)

{Cousin Gustav, Logan & Carly}
{Thinking hard in daddy's arms}
{Snuggling Wyatt}
{Babywearing is my favorite! I've missed it!}
{Those lips!}
{Dressing her is so much fun!}
{Of all the pictures I have of her, I think this looks the most like her}
{Mitten baby hands are Daddy's favorite!}
{All four kids during afternoon quiet time}
{The older brothers are smitten}
{They love her so very much!}
{Josh and I watched a movie and I held our girl the whole time. It's the best feeling in the world!}
{Test driving a van...}
{We liked it so much, we bought it!  I'm in LOVE!}


I am just so in love with this girl.  Holding her, feeding her, loving her... It all feels like some prize I won.  I had no idea that the miscarriages would make my love so deep, and the miracle of her so magical.  Every day I am in awe of her presence in my life.  Watching Josh and the boys with her makes it even more so.  We're all just head over heels for her.

The boys get to hold her at bedtime prayers, and every night Logan says, "I just wish I could sleep with her."  He never wants to let her go.  (And how precious is her hand on his arm? I die!)

Jack wants to know when he can carry her around; feed her and play with her.  They're all anxious for her to interact with them more.  Their excitement is contagious.

And Wyatt, whom I was most worried about, is very careful with her and enjoys trying to make her happy when she's upset.  He'll talk to her, sing to her, or turn on the music on her bouncer if she's fussing.  And while I was gone the other day, he dressed his favorite stuffed bear in a onesie and fed it a bottle we had.  He is pretty much the most precious tiny daddy you ever did see!



Tabitha Studer said...

So wonderful for all of you! I love the idea of the kids getting to each snuggle with Carly during bedtime prayers! So sweet - I may be stealing that idea come June. What a lucky girl to have so many who adore her! Xoxox thinking of you guys so often and with love and patience, especially now that Josh has headed north! You are in my thoughts momma!

Ashley B said...

I love seeing all of the pictures of her with the boys. They'll make such good Daddys some day!

Cindy said...

If they are smitten with her already, wait until she starts smiling & laughing for them. School will only get done when she is asleep!