Working Out

As some of you may know, I've started working out. I am doing a 60 day workout challenge with Beach Body, doing Piyo and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology.  I started a week before the challenge began and cut out all candy, soda and coffee.  My body hadn't been responding well to caffeine, and with nursing I didn't really want to rely on it anyway, so I cut coffee first, then after a few days, I cut out my afternoon soda as well.  I dropped five pounds that week, going from 200 pounds to 195.  I was thrilled.  Then the 60 day challenge began and I replaced my breakfast and morning snack with a Shakeology shake.  Then ate healthy lunch & dinner choices, along with some better snacking choices.

Thus far, my biggest challenge is after the kids go to bed.  I used to sit in my room on my little couch, holding Carly, watching TV and eating candy. Oodles and oodles of candy.  It was my favorite way to end the day and reward myself for making it through.  Now that I'm not eating candy, I find myself craving it.  But I've stayed strong and with the use of Skinny Cow (a brand of healthier treats) ice cream, I can satisfy my sweet tooth without blowing my diet.

In addition to working out everyday, I am trying to be generally  more active, which is easier now that I'm about three months postpartum.  I'm not sore anymore or worried that I'm going to overdo it, so that makes exercising much more enjoyable.  Although I am noticeably weaker and slower than I used to be thanks to my third pregnancy & c-section destroying my core.

One of the things I've done is walk the waterfront here in Vancouver.  I did it on a day Wyatt had plans because it's a big walk with lots of hills and I'm not sure he could do it on his bike.  But the twins did it on their scooters and loved it. I think we'll be doing this more if the weather continues to be lovely.

So the following is a picture of the twins now at the end of the waterfront walk,
followed by a picture of the twins at less than one year old at the end of the waterfront walk.

You guys, I can't even.

The twins will be eight in a few short weeks.  They weren't even a year in the bottom photo.  And time, oh how time has flown.  Here I am now, nearly a decade into parenting, with two more thrown in the mix, and still time is a mystery to me.  The way it comes and goes, seeming fast and slow at the same time... All I know is that I'm grateful for pictures and for my blog so I can go back and reminisce when I feel like it.  I can't believe I have big kids.


So with my working out, I had a lot of goals other than weight loss:

1) Wear my wedding ring again (it hasn't fit since the end of last summer)
2) Wear my cute underwear ;)
3) No more muffin top!!!
4) Feel stronger
5) Have tighter arms
6) Grow my confidence
7) Feel more in control (when I was eating all that candy, I was not in control!)
8) Set an example for my kids
9) Not have my ankle socks cut off my circulation (goodbye, cankles!)
10) Have better nutrition for Carly (whom I'm nursing)
11) Wear a belt (I don't want to wear maternity pants forever!)
12) Have more energy

Pictured above is my right hand ring, an anniversary gift from Josh five years ago, that I've been wearing instead of my wedding ring.  It's beautiful, and I love it, but my wedding ring is also beautiful and I really want to wear it. 

Two weeks into the program, I tried it on, and voila! It fit again! I am so happy!!!

Here are my Before Pictures:
Weight: 200 lbs.
And I am 8 weeks postpartum in these pictures.

I can't wait to share some "afters" in May when the challenge is over!!!

In our Facebook support group, we talk a lot about our "why" for working out.  If your goal is just a number on a scale, then day to day it can be hard to stay motivated. So it's been important for me to think about why I'm working out, why I'm eating healthier and why I'm sticking with it.
For me it boils down to my family.  When I work out and eat right, I feel better about myself which makes me a better (happier) wife and mother, which benefits everyone!  Also, I need a strong body to keep up with our three big boys, and a healthy body to keep providing Carly with the nourishment she needs from my breast milk.  

My workouts are not perfect.  Some days there's a lot of pausing to break up fights or feed the baby, but the point is, I gotta keep at it.  Living with my mother-in-law means there's a set of helping hands here most mornings, and that has been priceless in keeping me going.

The workouts have become part of our routine and the kids know that while they eat breakfast mom's going to pump the jam!  Carly's probably the hardest part of the puzzle, but as long as I feed her beforehand and Grandma's there to hold her, I can usually push through!

My in-law's also have a Vitamix that's come in handy when making delicious Shakeology shakes.  Mine usually consist of Shakeology, almond milk, some kind of berry (raspberry or strawberry), a banana, and ice.  Super simple, but delicious.  The best part is that it keeps me full until lunch, which eliminates a lot of mid-morning snacking.


I found this quote especially inspiring. I am not happy with my strength feeling limited and my body feeling bigger than I'd like.  So I want to make better choices to change those things!

My goal for the 60 days was to get from 200lbs. down to 175lbs.  As of this morning I am at 188lbs, halfway to my goal.  Only 13 pounds to go!  Here's to staying motivated and keeping my momentum going.



Rox said...

That quote... I love it.
You are doing wonderful, I'm proud of you! For putting yourself first, for sticking with it, and for maintaining such a positive attitude!

MommyMcD said...

I know how you feel! I'm looking into starting a similar challenge after my 4th is born. Your comment about your wedding ring not fitting hit home, I haven't been able to wear mine in almost 2 years. I refuse to get it resized. Thank you for sharing your journey and showing that small changes to diet and increased exercise really do make a big difference.

Vanessa Harper said...

Good job! Keep it up- you are so worth it. Love shakeology - thanks for the inspiration to jump back in.

Tabitha Studer said...

Awesome! Please know I am over here in PA cheering you on (in all goals in your life actually, but this one too!). And that beautiful path! Kind of jealous - wish we could walk that together while the big kids went fast on bikes and scooters and the little kids got pushed/pulled and we could chat. Is that weird that is a legit daydream I am having right now? hahhha.

Great job on your wedding band fitting goal and reaching it already! I love those little kinds of markers that remind us that we are doing a 'good job.' Reaching your number goal will be awesome too - but the wedding band feels like it represents so much heart (like your why being family instead of a number)! xxoxox Good job!!

Cindy said...

Although your journey is a bit different than mine, we are on the same track. Last March (2015) at my yearly physical, my weight continued to creep up. I had lost quite a bit many years before through Weight Watchers. I had also discovered after several months of chiropractic care that I could walk for a longer period of time without having back pain. One thing led to another and I rejoined WW in April last year. I have since lost about 38 pounds, I cannot lose any more as I have a small frame and I don't need to lose any more! I walked my first 5K last June and did two more after. I am going to attempt to run the majority of one tonight. Lastly-I turned 60 last Sept., so it is never too late! You are very much on the right track. I have learned through WW that is not about a number on your scale! You are doing the right thing for all the right reasons. It has to become a lifestyle! I don't know if you like fruit but I love the little Mandarin oranges. Also Breyers Ice Cream has some No Sugar or Low Carb options that are very good!

Holly said...

Aw I love when I see a blog post over here! And I love talking fitness stuff even though I rarely post about it myself. You are doing awesome. I bet you will obliterate your goal! I had 30 pounds to lose at my six weeks point, and have about 12 lbs to go. I don't follow any program, just try to do 3 miles every day and I basically eat the same things every day (shake for breakfast, veggie and ham omelet for lunch, chicken and veggies for dinner), BUT I totally cheat too and that's why it's been a little slow for me. I don't eat after dinner as a general rule, but I totally have some emotional eating tendencies and ate a whole jar of pickles in one day last week. Haha. Pickles and olives and sweet banana peppers are my go-to stress snacks. I too wish we lived close and could walk together! So fun. Keep us updated!!!

Amanda said...

your motivating me! Thanks for sharing....Your doing AWESOME!